Monday, October 20, 2008

WB to go on Odyssey with Pitt & Miller

Warner Brothers have decided to develop another one of Homer's most popular works. WB adapted The Iliad into the 2004 film "Troy" and have now tapped director George Miller and Troy star Brad Pitt for Homer's other epic The Odyssey. The report coming from Variety says that WB wants Pitt's Plan B prodcution company, to co-produce the film, while George Miller is top choice to helm the film. The biggest news however on the adaptation, is the film will be set in the future in outer space!

The Odyssey follows Odysseus along a ten year journey home to Ithica following the fall of Troy. A space adventure could be an easy translation for Miller and WB from the source material. Miller who has not done anything of note in a long while, is a long shot in my book for relavence, but with Brad Pitt aboard this could prove to be a great feature.

Thoughts on The Odyssey in space? Will this work? Is George Miller the right choice to direct? Miller is also still listed as attached to Justice League if that ever gets going.