Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ughh...Burton Eyeing Pirates 4?

In what Cinema Blend is calling, "big, big news" or as some would say bullshit, Tim Burton may be next to helm the Disney franchise Pirates of the Carribean. Even Cinema Blend later says that the info should be taken with a "grain of salt," but this smells like a bad idea to me.

I love Tim Burton but, can someone please detach he and Johnny Depp from one another! Sure, Ed Wood is probably one of Depp's and Burton's best films and Edward Scissorhands was nothing to scoff at either. Let's be honest though, the dynamic duo of the dark has not been so amazing as of late. The last three films Depp and Burton did together were at best, tolerable. The Corpse Bride was a big yawn (and I really wanted to like it), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a laughing stock (words cannot express the terror) and Sweeney Todd, well it was decent, but nothing compared to the original play. Now they are doing Alice in Wonderland together, which I am skeptical about to say the least. Wonderland does lend itself to Burton and he should do some amazing work with the cgi/live-action adaptation. Could it be that it might be time these two take a tiny break from eachother? Let themselves feel out their career's on their own for a couple years, so that when they do re-unite for a film, it is truely special, not just another Burton/Depp collaboration.

Now how possible is Burton actually directing Pirates of the Carribean 4? For one, he has signed a multi-picture deal with Disney. So Disney already has him locked in essentially. Secondly, he and Depp are more than friends and if Depp were to suggest that Burton helmed the next film in the series, I am sure that Disney would jump at the opportunity to have the gloomy visionary direct.

If Gore Verbinsky doesn't return, should Disney allow Burton to helm the fourth Pirates film? Is the Pirates franchise the right thing for Burton? Does anybody remember Planet of the Apes? Should Gore Verbinsky return? Why not somebody else? What about someone like Terry Gilliam? The guy made Time Bandits, Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen! He and Depp are also good friends and have collaborated on both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Gilliam's newest The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, where Depp stepped in to fill the absence of Heather Ledger. Gilliam would be a perfect director to shake up the series and not present the same recycled material as I fear Burton would do with his dreary imagery. Terry's vision and style is amazing, and no one can say that he can't present humor as well. We are talking about Monty Python alumni! Gilliam is the man for Pirates!!

What are your thoughts on Burton directing Pirates 4? Am I crazy to think, enough is enough with Burton/Depp? Do you want Verbinsky to return? Who would be your top director to shake things up? How cool is the idea of Gilliam helming Pirates?