Saturday, October 11, 2008

Terminator Salvation Set Pics

Terminator Salvation is currently filming and has had alot of buzz since its panel at Comic Con last summer. Personally, I am really pumped for this movie, not so much that it is directed by McG, but that it looks like a legitimate Terminator film that will bring the franshice back up from the ashes that was Terminator 3. There was some buzz in the last few weeks that James Cameron never gave his blessing, which McG told us he did at Comic Con. In truest he said, she said fashion I can careless. Honestly who gives a fuck if James Cameron said okay or not, he is too busy with Avatar anyhow. The footage that has been shown is outstanding, Christian Bale is John Conner and the overall feel just looks to nail the what we would expect from a post Judgement Day start. Unless the film blows donkey balls, McG looks like he might be on the right track. Anyways enough chatter checkout the set pics below....

Thoughts on the set shots? No Terminators to gawk at, but the tow truck looks to be pretty damn beefed up! What's a Terminator film without some explosions!