Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lucas is in "Think Mode" for more Indy

Harrison Ford recently talked with the LA Times about the possibility of another Indiana Jones film. Ford who enjoyed returning to the role, says he is ready for more and that George Lucas is in "think mode" creating a new story that will meld with the aging archeologist.

It's no secret that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn't well recieved by fans and the media, but it did however make a nice chunk of change. The idea that Ford and Lucas can go back once more sounds very enticing to the 66 year old star. He told Geoff Boucher of the LA Times, "It's automatic, really, we did well with the last one and with that having done well and been a positive experience, it's not surprising that some people want to do it again."

So, it is not far off to think that Indiana Jones 5 is coming our way. With Ford's approval and the prospect to make another killing at the box office, looks like were in for more Jones adventures. I would like to see another one. I actually enjoyed Crystal Skull, but would hope for improvement. I could do without the cgi monkeys and the climax was pretty lackluster, but overall it was a fun ride and I am ready for more. The real question is how long is Lucas going to be in "think mode?" If its anywhere near the drought from last time, Ford will be buried by then. So let's hope they can move a little quicker this time.

Thoughts on more Indiana Jones? Do you want to see more? Can Lucas pull off a great Indiana Jones film? Wait can Lucas pull off a great film at all anymore? More news as it comes...