Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lethal Weapon 5 Fast-Tracked?

Back in August I wrote a piece on the development of a Lethal Weapon 5. It seems that the film may in fact be on the fast track into production. The folks over at IGN sat down with Columbus Short recently at a "Quarantine" press junket. They asked the rising star if there was any truth to the rumor of a 4th sequel and if so would he be starring in it.

Short seemed very excited about the prospect of starring alongside Riggs and Murtaugh and said he would be playing Murtaugh's Son. He did not say whether he would be playing the teenage son or the younger boy, but that producer Joel Silver has talked to him and is very excited about the project. Short also mentioned that they are trying to get in done very soon. He told IGN, "right now, they are trying to fast-track it."

The one major thing that could be holding Lethal Weapon 5, would be Mel Gibson. Gibson must sign off on the film before a green-light is given. So for now all we have is what Columbus Short has said, and what Shane Black has spoken about the script. The film would be a perfect fit to get Mel out of the "sugar tits" low-lights and back into the publics good graces. So I am sure we are not that far off from Leathal Weapon 5! More news to come as it comes in...

Will Chris Rock and Joe Pesci reprise their roles? Are you game for one more round of Riggs and Murtaugh. Will Riggs finally have gotten rid of the mullett this time?