Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lars and the Green Lantern!

Some major news is rumbling through the web today about a well talked of DC & WB property! It seems that Warner Bros. have narrowed down their choices for Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern film. Latino Review is claiming from their WB source that the studio is courting Ryan Gosling to star as Hal Jordan and dawn the Abin Sur ring.

No word is given by Latino Review if an offer has been made, but it goes without saying that Gosling is a perfect choice for the role. Hopefully, Warner Brothers can land Ryan Gosling cause he would really bring a dynamic performance to a multi-dimensional character. I mean were talking about an Oscar nominated actor. Sure Gosling's work in the Young Hercules television show was pretty weak, but his movie roles have been phenominal. Simply, Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl have made Gosling an actor that demands attention!

How cool is the prospect of Ryan Gosling as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern? Are you excited for Green Lantern? Could this mean we could get Bale and Gosling in a Justice League movie together down the road?