Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hell Ride 2 & 17 other Direct-to-DVD Titles

The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films have just announced a slate of direct-to-dvd titles that will be coming our way in 2009. Direct-to-dvd titles are an easy way for a studio to make some fast cash and not have a big hurt if the feature doesn't do as well as hoped. Personally, I hate direct-to-dvd titles and out of all of the names announced the only one that has any hope is Hell Ride 2.

Hell Ride released this year and came from the mind of Larry Bishop. The film followed two groups of rival bikers in an deadly, sexy, and beer/drug induced road trip. The film was a big disappointment based on it was presented by Quentin Tarrantino and had the makings of a really cool boker film. Instead the film just didn't work. (Read my review) Regardless that the feature film wasn't too spectacular, I am still intrigued for another Hell Ride. Based on the fact it will be a direct-to-dvd feature, I wont have to wait too long either!

Some of the other titles that will also be releasing under the direct-to-dvd blanket are; Pulse 2, Children of the Corn, Last Man Standing, Feast 2 & 3, Dead by Daylight and Midnight Man 2 & 3. The rest of the titles were not announced, but as soon as I get word, you'll know too! Dimension did annouce plans for a theatrical release to Pirahna 3-D and the next installment of Halloween which wont be directed by Rob Zombie.

What are your thoughts on the direct-to-dvd titles? Any that jump out at you?