Saturday, October 18, 2008

Damn it! Ratner Directs Conan!

This has got to be the worst news for a good long while! You might as well bend me and Conan over and screw us because, the reboot of "Conan" is a goner with the news I have for you. AICN has word that Brett Ratner will helm the sword swinging badass in the reboot of Conan for Lionsgate! It seems that with Ratner taking the reins on Conan will make him anything but a badass. Ratner is the WORST desicion Lionsgate could make for a director.

Why in the world does Lionsgate think Ratner would be a great director for Conan? Was he the only guy begging to do the film? WTF? Seriously! Does Lionsgate just want the film to fail? Like X-Men 3 was good?, and god did I ever love Money Talks and the 3 Rush Hours films(I really hope you caught the bullshit in that statement)! The Conan property has long been talked of rebooting and now to have Brett Ratner directing, just muddies the waters (to say the very least).

Seriously, if Lionsgate wants to do anything right, start over looking for directors. Please! The fans can wait. We already have Red Sonja and Thulsa Doom coming our way, so replace Rattner before the ink settles and give the fans a director they deserve! That doesn't mean Paul W.S. Anderson either Lionsgate!

Thoughts on the disaster that is Brett Ratner directing Conan? How fucked up is that choice?