Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheadle Replaces Howard in Iron Man 2

In unfortunate news, Terrence Howard and Marvel Studios could not come to an agreement for Iron Man 2 and the actor who played Jim Rhodes has been replaced in the supporting role. Terrence Howard wanted more money for the second film based on the fact that his character will become War Machine at some point. Fans will remember, Rhodes looking at the Mach II suit saying, "next time" but that next time will fall to a new actor now.

Marvel has asked the talented Don Cheadle to step into the role. For a replacement, Cheadle is amazing. I love Terrence Howard, but Cheadle is a perfect pickup for the best friend of Tony Stark. In a perfect world Terrence Howard would still be playing Jim Rhodes, but he's not and Cheadle is a talented enough actor to seemlessly take on the role. Cheadle should be seeing a good chunk of screen time in Iron Man 2, it has been rumored that War Machine or Jim Rhodes would be filling in for Tony Stark when he is too drunk to perform as Iron Man in the sequel. Justin Theroux is currently developing and writing the script with Jon Favreau.

What are your thoughts on Terrence Howard demanding more money and Marvel not budging? Is Don Cheadle a worthy replacement? Who would you have casted to replace Howard?