Friday, October 3, 2008

300 Sequel Story Develops

Zack Snyder recently was asked by IESB about the prospect of a prequel/sequel to the well recieved Spartan epic "300" and if their is any progress in it's development. Snyder relayed that comic book writer and director Frank Miller is currently working on a sequel graphic novel that will be the core material that the film will follow. Snyder made sure to point out that no development would begin until Miller fully completed the comic. Snyder also added that he did not want any part of the creation of the book and that he wanted it to be 100% Frank Miller. Snyder does intend on directing the feature once Miller has finished his work.

Snyder, did however give some insight to IESB into where exactly Miller would be taking the sequel to 300. Snyder said that the new book/film would take place between the Battle of Thermopylae (which is what 300 was) and the Battle of Plataea. The Battle of Plataea was briefly covered at the end of 300, where Dilios re-tells the courageous story of King Leonidas and the mighty 300 Spartans to a new batch of some 10,000 Spartans who have command of thirty thousand free Greeks and are facing Xerxes forces. Dilios notes during this speech, that there is a whole year inbetween the battle of Thermopylae and Plataea, so there is plenty for Frank Miller to write about.

One would only assume Dilios would become a major focal point of this sequel, but considering the much larger numbers in the Spartan ranks in the battle of Plataea, the film could focus on any number of the Spartan warriors. David Wenham coming back to reprise Dilios seems the most powerful choice to focus on, with much of the movie-goers already familar with his character.

In other related Zack Snyder news: Snyder said that there is no way he would be apart of any sequel or prequel to the Watchmen. He did say that there is no possible way to do one anyways, with the Alan Moore epic comic, being a perfect stand-alone book!

Thoughts on the sequel to 300? Are you willing to watch the Spartans obliterate Xerxes armies in the battle of Plataea? Should David Wenham return as Dilios in the sequel? Strikeback....