Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review - Let the Right One In

A fragile and bullied pre-teen boy makes friends with a unusual girl who has just moved into his apartment complex. As a friendship develops between the two, the boy soon comes to realize that the intriguing girl may be something far darker than he ever realized. Coinciding with the arrival of the girl and her guardian, murders and a disappearance in the town gives rise to suspicion surrounding the new tenants.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Quartet of Stars Join Alice in Wonderland

Casting news a plenty comes our way for Disney's Tim Burton adaptation of Lewis Caroll's "Alice in Wonderland." The stars that have been added to the cast are nothing to scough at either. Prepare for some of the better casting news you'll read in awhile.

First up, Alan Rickman has been cast as the Caterpillar! This is a absolutely perfect pic for the snobby insect. Rickman has played this type of character perfectly before as Severus Snape in Harry Potter, Metatron in Dogma, the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Theives and of course Hans Gruber in Die Hard. This isn't Rickman's first hooray with Burton either, he played the villainous judge in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The illustrious Rickman seems like the best choice for the Caterpillar beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Next up is Michael Sheen, who can be seen next in "Frost/Nixon," will play the Cheshire Cat. Sheen's smile does purrfectly emulate the sneer-like smile of the notorious cat, so Sheen feels like a nice choice for the role. Eleanor Tomlinson in a role that was exclusively created for her, will play Alice's friend Fiona Chataway. Tomlinson played the young Sophie in the 2006 film "The Illusionist."

The last addition to Alice in Wonderland is Christopher Lee. The famed thespian's role has yet to be announced, but whatever it is should be a sight to be seen. Personally, I think Lee would be perfect in the role of the Dodo leading the Caucus-Race. My second choice would be the Mock Turtle. Either role could work quite nicely, but those characters come exclusively from Alice in Wonderland, which we know that Burton is adapting both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass into one feature much like the original Disney cartoon.

Thoughts on the quadry on actors that have joined Alice? How great will Rickman be as the Caterpillar? Who would you have Christopher Lee play?

Review - Body of Lies

A covert CIA operative, Roger Ferris works in the middle east trying, by any means necessary, to find terrorists who have bombed civilian targets. With the aid of his CIA boss in Langley and a Chief Jordanian Intelligence agent, Ferris creates a plan to infiltrate a high ranking terrorist threat's network. How far will Ferris' alliances stretch in the highly dangerous climate he finds himself in the middle of becomes a very important question.

Weinstein Co. Pushes Fanboys & Others Around!

Once again, "Fanboys" has been moved from it's release date! The Weinstein Company has decided to shift it and 3 other films to 2009. This news arrives just a few days behind the antcipated shift of "The Road" to 2009 also. Harvey Weinstein conveys that everything is fine and the bumps in dates are all for better positioning and marketing, because the end of this year is already so crowded. Clearly, the Weinstein Co. is trying to make the most money it can out of the upcoming properties considering things are a bit shaky around the studio these days. With top funding executives leaving just after the co-heads of acquistions and production resigned from the studio and the studios senior VP of production and production president who are soon to follow.

Harvey Weinstein told The Big Picture that Fanboys was being pushed to Feburary of 2009 so that it may recieve a strong marketing campaign and be in a far less crowded environment. When asked why the shift Weinstein said, "we can do a major promotion with Comcast, who's arranging for a big advertising tie-in for us on the film." Fanboys was set to release late in November, but now will arrive February 6th 2009.

I saw Fanboys this year at Comic Con and throughly enjoyed it. The film was not only extremely funny, but touching and overall, just a great time. This film does deserve a legitamite marketing campaign, because it can appeal to a broad base of teens & young adults and not just long time Star Wars fans. The film unfortunately, has been kicked around so many times it is beginning to not be funny at all. It seems logical that fans have dubbed Harvey Weinstein as Darth Weinstein! This film deserves a fair shake and for everyone to get a chance to see it, not just fans like myself who had to really work to get screening passes for the film and boy was it ever worth it! Check out it here Fanboys review!

One of the other three films pushed backed by the Weinstein Co. is "Killshot" starring Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Jane, Diane Lane and the lovely Rosario Dawson. This film to has been around for quite some time and was set for a November 7th release, but it to has been shifted to 2009. Killshot will release a couple weeks before the Oscars considering all the buzz Rourke has recieved over "The Wrestler." Weinstein said, "Everyone has said that Mickey Rourke is amazing in 'The Wrestler' and will be up for all sorts of awards, so we decided to move 'Killshot' to a date a few weeks before the Oscars. That way we can capitalize on all the heat that's going to be around Mickey." If Rourke isn't nominated for an Academy Award, will we see the Weinstein move Killshot yet again?

"Crossing Over" starring Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd was set to release on December 3rd in limited release but has moved now to 2009 despite it's allstar cast. Weinstein spoke of the move for Crossing Over, "We're moving it to January. The market is just too crowded. Every week there are five more movies coming out. It's too crazy. Spring is much better--there are a lot more wide-open dates. The most important thing is to do well by the movie. Having it out in January gives us the opportunity to play the film at the Sundance and Berlin film festivals, which will be a big help to the movie." The last film moved is "Shanghai" which simply, wasn't ready to be released.

Thoughts on the Weinstein Co.? How well will Zack & Miri Make A Porno do for them this weekend? Do you want to see Fanboys after all this time? Are you asking WTF is Fanboys? Strikeback....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Review - Eagle Eye

Two strangers are brought together by mysterious phone calls that informs the individuals that they have become activated, forcing them to carry out elaborate tasks that can risk both of their lives including the lives of others. The identity of the mastermind caller remains a mystery, but it is clear that she has a overwhelming control of the technology throughout the world, utilizing it to dictate every aspect of the tasks the two strangers are forced to complete.

Fast Track & Eckhart for Jack Ryan?

A couple days ago I did a story regarding Sam Raimi officially saying he would not be invloved in the upcoming Jack Ryan sequel. Eventhough he was never officially attached. Regardless of Raimi, the folks over at Paramount have decided to fast track the next sequel despite the fact they do not have a worthy script, director, or actor to play the famous CIA agent Ryan.

Paramount has reached out to a long time contributor to the Ryan franchise, Mace Neufield who has produced all of the Jack Ryan films and uber producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to helm the next film and possible films in the franchise. The duo have been hired to come up with a new original story for the franchise, meaning Paramount has all but abandonded the previous script, "By Any Means Necessary." The winning script will dictate how old and where the next film will take Jack Ryan, but most doors point to a Casino Royale type reboot to the Tom Clancy character.

Considering the film is looking for a fresh take on the Jack Ryan character it is very doubtful that Paramount will re-cast any of the previous actors who have played Ryan. Jack Ryan has been successfully played by Alec Baldwin, Harrsion Ford and Ben Affleck. Debate ensues over which was the best, I felt each version was a great characterization of the CIA agent.

So who does Paramount want for the potential reboot and series of Jack Ryan? Word is, one of the bigger names being thrown around is Aaron Eckhart! Personally, this is a perfect choice if they can land him. He's not too young like the much rumored Ryan Gosling and not too old like Harrison Ford, who has been rumored to return. Eckhart is an oustanding actor and would appeal to a wide blanket of movie goers.

Who can you see in the Jack Ryan part? Does Aaron Eckhart entice you? Does a re-boot of the Jack Ryan series even intrigue you? Strikeback...

Review - Burn After Reading

Two obtuse gym employees discover a disk that they believe has classified government documents within it and intend to sell it. Meanwhile, the owner of the documents has quit his job as a CIA analyst having decided to write his memoirs and is facing a unexpected divorce from his wife. His wife has been having an affair with a married Treasury agent, who is also dating one of the two gym employees.

Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time

Halloween is just around the corner and what better than some scary movies to get us in the mood. Horror is probably one of my all time favorite genres for a couple of reasons. First off, there is no other type of film that can create the same intensity in which a great horror film can provide. A truely great horror film will grab the viewers undivided attention from the get go and doesn't let go to the credits roll. Secondly, there is so many different levels to the horror genre. To name a few there is suspense horror, slasher/shock horror, supernatural/unexplained horror, traditional horror i.e vampires, werewolves, zombies and of course humor horror. All of these unquie types of horror films are all great and can provide hours on enjoyment when done right.

The Top 10 list that I have provided is strictly based on scare factor alone. Not how gruseome or shocking the film is or that it is considered a masterpiece in the horror genre. If I followed those guidelines, I would have a completely different list. This list is simply based on films that scared the color out of me, whether it was as a child or adult. These are films that should be seen by any fan of film, they are both horror masterpieces and some of the most scariest films you'll ever see!

Friday, October 24, 2008

3D Rock 'n' Roll Cleopatra Musical

Director Steven Soderbergh is getting ready to release "Che" starring Benecio Del Toro, but that hasn't stopped him from prepping his next couple projects. Soderbergh intends to make a live-action rock 'n' roll musical, in 3D, that is based on the life of Cleopatra. Soderbergh had previously tapped the indie rock band Guided by Voices, who have already written the music and their former bass player James Greer has penned the script.

"Cleo" as the film has been titled, will shop in the next two weeks for around $30 million, with Greg Jacobs and Casey Silver producing, Variety reports. Steven Soderbergh has his eye on his Cleopatra and Marc Antony already and seems to be close to locking them in. Soderbergh will trust Catherine Zeta Jones as a clear choice for Cleo, while her Roman lover may be played by Hugh Jackman. Both of the choices seem very clear for the role considering Hugh Jackman has won a Tony for his Broadway role in The Boy from Oz. Catherine Zeta Jones just screams Cleopatra, is there any denying it? Furthermore, Zeta Jones won Best Supporting Actress from the 2002 musical "Chicago."

Soderbergh before shooting his rock 'n' roll Cleo, will film "The Girlfriend Experience." The film revolves around a $10,000 a night call girl. Soderbergh has tapped the successful porn star Sasha Grey to play the call girl in a film that will be simultaneously be released in theaters, on DVD and aired on the HDNet movie channel.

Thoughts on a 3D rock 'n' roll musical about Cleopatra starring Hugh Jackman and Catherine Zeta Jones? I live for musicals but remain a tad skeptical on this property.

McFly Finds Wonderland

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is currently filming and has been on a steamrole of casting news filling out the portion of the cast that will utilize the 3D motion-capture. Today comes news that Crispin Glover has signed on to play the Knave of Hearts. Glover joins Johnny Depp (Mad Hatter), Matt Lucas (Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum), Anne Hathaway (White Queen), Helena Bonham Carter (Red Queen) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice) in the Disney live action/motion capture production of Lewis Carroll's original story.

The Knave of Hearts' character is featured in Carroll original story in Chapter 11, Who Stole the Tarts? He is put on trial for stealing the Queen of Hearts tarts. The King of Hearts is the judge and witnesses include the Mad Hatter and the Duchesses' cook. The entire court proceedings are a waste of time and nothing is accomplished until Alice comes to the aid of the Knave of Hearts and ends up growing "nearly two miles high" according to the Queen.

Crispen Glover is an outstanding choice for this film, which increases my optimism that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland won't suck. There is not a Crispen Glover role I don't love, guy is a true talent. Glover also has the whole motion capture thing down already considering he played Grendel in last years "Beowulf." Burton's cast is stacking up quite nicely so far, he keeps up this trend we might have ourselves one hell of an all-star cast.

Thoughts on Glover as Knaves of Hearts? What other films have Glover and Depp starred in together? Glover is only 3 years older than Michael J. Fox and plays his father in Back to the Future!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Full Length Notorious Trailer

"Notorious" is the story of Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G. and I have the first full length trailer for your eyes. The last trailer was somewhat shadowed and didn't really feature much of Jamal Woodward (B.I.G.) but just some of the vibe of the film and some of Biggie Smalls biggest hits. The new trailer is a much better look into the film and just what we have in store. I am not 100% sold on Woodward based on this trailer. In fact most of the actors playing the major figures i.e. Puff Daddy, Biggie Smalls and Tupac aren't the best in the resemblence category, but hopefully they will provide some great acting chops. The release date, doesn't lead me to believe that the film is that good either. Usually January is exclusively terrible movies. It is usually a great month to catch up on our tivo queue and dvd's. I want to see this movie, but more than a few things have me skeptical, anyways let the trailer speak for itself....

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you a fan of Notorious B.I.G.? Will you be lining up for this one come January 16th?

Spidey Trumps Jack Ryan for Raimi

Visionary director Sam Raimi recently talked with MTV News and has said that he doesn't think it will be possible for him to direct the new revision of Jack Ryan. The reason being that he is now attached to Spider-Man for a long while. Personally, it is better that Raimi sticks with Spidey for now. Allow him to finish his story of Peter Parker. Then he can move on to other things, like finishing Evil Dead!

Raimi commented on the idea of Jack Ryan and reality that he is attached to Spider-Man. “I love Tom Clancy, and I hope they’d keep me in mind,” Raimi said. “But because I’m committed to ‘Spider-Man' and making that picture, I think it’s going to knock me out of the running for the Jack Ryan picture.” I love Jack Ryan (every version of him), but I dont think Raimi is the guy to bring us the stories. Sam Raimi also needs to redeem himself from that which was, Spider-Man 3!

Thoughts on Raimi not directing a Jack Ryan re-boot? Who do you think should direct more of the CIA operative's tales?

Gran Torino One-Sheet

Actor director Clint Eastwood has "The Changeling" releasing at the end of this month and coming in December is "Gran Torino." Usually we get a bit of a gap from Eastwood, but both of these are coming right at us in a two month period. The Changeling has had mixed reviews and we have yet to hear any grumblings from Gran Torino.

Gran Torino synopsis goes as follows: Disgruntled Korean War vet Walt Kowalski (Eastwood) sets out to reform his neighbor, a young Hmong teenager, who tried to steal Kowalski's prized possesion: his 1972 Gran Torino.

Ehh, not so sure how I feel about this. All I can think of is the last time Eastwood made movie with a car in it's title. We all remember Pink Cadillac don't we? That shit was terrible! Anyways checkout the poster below....

Click poster for higher resolution

Thoughts on Gran Torino? Does the synopsis and one-sheet make you want to see Eastwood's latest directing effort with him in the lead? Strikeback...

Gentlemen Broncos Viral Site

Jemaine Clement is one of the funniest people out there and if you do not immediately know who this guy is, slap yourself and then continue reading. Jemaine Clement has only recently broken out in public awareness in America. He has starred in films like Tungan Ninja and Eagle vs. Shark, but is most well known for his hit HBO show and band, Flight of the Conchords. I highly recommend you check this guy out, you wont be disappointed.

Jared Hess creator/director of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre has been working on his latest film "Gentlemen Broncos" which just happen to stars Jemaine Clement. The film follows a teenager that attends a fantasy writers' convention where he discovers his idea has been stolen by an established novelist. That established novelist is Ronald Chevalier (Jemaine Clement) who has become hard pressed to create new ideas over the years and has now lowered himself to stealing other writers work. The film has an all star cast with Michael Angarano, Sam Rockwell, Halley Feiffer, Jennifer Coolidge, Josh Pais and Jemaine Clement.

As it has become so popular to create viral websites to go with the new film, Ronald Chevalier has created a website that is chalk-full of tidbits for you to gander at. The homepage is extremely creepy, especially the way Ronald stares at you! The videos that Ronald has created give you a real good look at Clement's character and how hilarious he is. Below I got the two videos that have been posted by Ronald on his new site so far. Checkout Ronald Chevalier for the hilarity!

How great is Jemaine's character? Ronald Chevalier is a fucking riot! Hope you enjoy, more to come as news comes available. Did you think Nacho Libre was a good follow up to Napoleon Dynamite? Strikeback....

Friday the 13th Teaser Trailer!!

Yesterday I gave you some exclusive footage that was shown at Comic Con and at Spike TV's Scream Awards, but today I got the official teaser trailer for you! The teaser trailer is alot of the same footage from yesterday's stuff except one major exception. It has Pamela Vorhees narration from the original film explaining Jason's untimely death. This film is going to kill all kinds of ass! Jason looks so good this time around and Platinum Dunes spin of Vorhees sound legit. I guess we will have to wait until Feburary 13th, 2009. Until then, scroll down and check out the teaser trailer....

Friday The 13th in HD

What are your thoughts on the reboot of Friday the 13th? Are you as amped as I?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hell Ride 2 & 17 other Direct-to-DVD Titles

The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films have just announced a slate of direct-to-dvd titles that will be coming our way in 2009. Direct-to-dvd titles are an easy way for a studio to make some fast cash and not have a big hurt if the feature doesn't do as well as hoped. Personally, I hate direct-to-dvd titles and out of all of the names announced the only one that has any hope is Hell Ride 2.

Hell Ride released this year and came from the mind of Larry Bishop. The film followed two groups of rival bikers in an deadly, sexy, and beer/drug induced road trip. The film was a big disappointment based on it was presented by Quentin Tarrantino and had the makings of a really cool boker film. Instead the film just didn't work. (Read my review) Regardless that the feature film wasn't too spectacular, I am still intrigued for another Hell Ride. Based on the fact it will be a direct-to-dvd feature, I wont have to wait too long either!

Some of the other titles that will also be releasing under the direct-to-dvd blanket are; Pulse 2, Children of the Corn, Last Man Standing, Feast 2 & 3, Dead by Daylight and Midnight Man 2 & 3. The rest of the titles were not announced, but as soon as I get word, you'll know too! Dimension did annouce plans for a theatrical release to Pirahna 3-D and the next installment of Halloween which wont be directed by Rob Zombie.

What are your thoughts on the direct-to-dvd titles? Any that jump out at you?

Another Zack & Miri Trailer

Kevin Smith looks to regain his stature as a great comedic director with Zack & Miri Make a Porno. Smith has been as of late, stuck in his snootchie-boochie phase of reguritating old material, but here in his newest film, it looks like he has finally broke free from the bonds that are Clerks and Silent Bob. I am glad that he has finally moved on and hope he doesn't return to the usual schtick. Reviews have been very strong for Zack & Miri and every bit of promo that has come out for it is extremely strong! This newest and last trailer is spot on as well! Anyways checkout the final trailer below, Zack & Miri releases on Halloween night.

Thoughts on the final trailer? Will you be catching this film on Halloween night?

Awesome Watchmen Poster & Trailer!!

Watchmen is the quint-essential comic book and comic book geek Zack Snyder has already brought us 300, but next year brings us the Watchmen. The film looks to be amazing and has had nothing but great reviews coming from the lucky individuals that have had a chance to see it. This week at the Scream Awards Snyder came out and showed a extended trailer. Also today I found this amazing new teaser poster for the film. The trailer is not much different from what we have already seen, but it has a couple new shots, proof that they have finished more effects shots. The poster features the scene where the comedian is launched out of his apartment and begins falling. Both the extended trailer and poster are awesome, so scroll down to check em out!

Click the poster for higher resolution

How awesome is Watchem going to be? Next year cannot come quick enough! Screw Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, just get me to the Watchmen release date!

Friday the 13th Footage!!

Friday the 13th is one of the more fun horror franchises around. Sure some of the sequels have been real hit or miss, but they are always good for a laugh if not a scare anytime you watch them. Platinum Dunes has been at the remake buisness for quite some time now and their most recent remake is Friday the 13th. From the footage and images that have been shown, it looks like they have another hit on their hands and I have some footage for you that was shown at the Spike TV Scream Awards this week. The footage isn't much different from the footage shown at Comic Con this year, but still is a nice treat till we get the official trailer. The film doesn't release till next year, but until then, check out the juicy new footage below.

Thoughts on the footage? How badass does Vorhees look? Word came this week from test screenings that young Vorhees and his mother have been cut from the film, although they could still end up in the final release, no doubt will get them in the dvd.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Review - Max Payne

Max Payne is a Cold Case police officer who has been unsuccessfull in finding his wife's murders for four years now. When a women he has just met is killed, Payne realizes her death may be linked to his wife's. Payne must solve the murders in order to find out what really happened to his wife and who was behind her killing.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rollout for Transformers: The Ride!!

Universal Studios has unveiled that an all new Transformers ride is being developed for the Hollywood and Sinapore Theme Parks. The ride will feature HD-3D footage with life size robotics all unfolding on a track based ride that puts the riders right in the middle of the action. The ride is said to open in early 2011.

Clearly we will get a full array of Transformers including Autobots and Decepticons transforming and battling right in front of the rider. The fact that this will be a ride and not just a 3D feature, like most of Universal's attractions, is very enticing. I really like the idea that the ride will move forward in a progression and not just sit there like the Simpson's ride or at Disneyland, Star Tours. The ride will replace the current Backdraft and the Special Effects Stages features, which gives the ride to have a nice chunk of space. Furthermore, the entire lower area will soon feature all movies rides including Jurassic Park, The Mummy and coming soon Transformers. Pretty cool!

How cool is this? If you live in the LA area or Singapore score! Just another reason to come to the Left coast!

WB to go on Odyssey with Pitt & Miller

Warner Brothers have decided to develop another one of Homer's most popular works. WB adapted The Iliad into the 2004 film "Troy" and have now tapped director George Miller and Troy star Brad Pitt for Homer's other epic The Odyssey. The report coming from Variety says that WB wants Pitt's Plan B prodcution company, to co-produce the film, while George Miller is top choice to helm the film. The biggest news however on the adaptation, is the film will be set in the future in outer space!

The Odyssey follows Odysseus along a ten year journey home to Ithica following the fall of Troy. A space adventure could be an easy translation for Miller and WB from the source material. Miller who has not done anything of note in a long while, is a long shot in my book for relavence, but with Brad Pitt aboard this could prove to be a great feature.

Thoughts on The Odyssey in space? Will this work? Is George Miller the right choice to direct? Miller is also still listed as attached to Justice League if that ever gets going.

The Soloist, Defiance, & The Road All Move

Academy Award season is just around the bend and studios are positioning their films for the best chance at Oscar. It seems Paramount and the Weinstein Co have decided to shuffle the deck.

One of the films Paramount thought would be in heavy in contension has not screened as well as they had hoped and has been officially bumped to next year and out of Oscar contension. Paramount has moved "The Soloist" from November of this year to March 13th 2009.

The second film Paramount has shifted is "Defiance." Defiance is a little different and has only been pushed back to the end of December instead of opening the early portion of the month. Defiance will now be released on December 31st. Not sure how many people flock to the theaters on New Year's Eve though. I think the date change is appropriate for the content of the film as well.

The last film to get a date change comes from The Weinstein Company. The date that is set, isn't too bankable either. The problem lies in the production of the film. "The Road" has still some editing to be finished up along with its original score which is being finished by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. The Road was original slated for a limited release on November 14th and a wider release on November 26th. That date has been pushed to December 10th which producers hope will be met. There is a big possibility that we may not even get the film in 2008. The film was thought to be an Award contender considering Cormack McCarthy's success last year with another one of his books, "No Country for Old Men." If the post-production doesn't finish up sooner than later, the film will be nixed from award contention all together.

Thoughts on the release date shifts for these 3 titles? Do you want see any of these more than the others? The Road, Defiance and The Soloist in that order for me. Strikeback...

Rogen From Rad to Terrible on GB3?

There has been alot of speculative word on the development of Ghostbusters 3 since forever, but it has had actual weight behind it since Comic Con. Harold Ramis and Bill Murray have commented on the film and both seem raring to go. The original spin that the film would be a sort of role-over to new recruits. The pitch was that Apatow would help produce and doing so bring along his all-stars including Seth Rogen. Rumors have swirled on the net and I too have enjoyed the hype. Ghostbusters is one of my all time favorite comedies! The idea that Apatow teamup with the Busters sounds like comedy gold to me.

Back in August Seth Rogen was asked a Pineapple Express junket if he had heard about Ghostbusters 3 and if rumors were true that he would be one of the new recruits. Rogen sounded anything but negative about the project, but more so intrigued and puzzled they were approaching him. Rogen commented, "Really? That's fucking rad! No one's told me about it, you're the first one. You got a script? Yeah, no -- are they actually remaking Ghostbusters? Sounds fun, though -- I'm psyched about it ... but are you sure I'm not playing Slimer?" Rogen sounded generally intrigued about the project eventhough he at the time was clueless about the sequel. So it seemed that if the project definately moved forward Rogen would be on board. "That's fucking rad" usually isn't something someone would say if they thought the film was, "terrible."

Then I read recently some comments Seth Rogen made at a "Zack & Miri Make A Porno" screening. Seth was again asked if he is attached to Ghostbusters 3 and would he work on it if approached. Rogen told Collider when he was asked if he had been approached, "No. Not at all." He continued to comment on the idea, "It’s hard to imagine that would be good, isn’t it? I mean just as a movie fan I am the first guy to be skeptical of that. It sounds like a terrible idea when you first hear it. At first hearing it sounds like the worst idea ever. I dunno. Maybe. I mean, that would have to be one mutherfucking good script." Hold the phone! "Worst Idea Ever?" Didn't Rogen just a couple months back say, "That's Fucking Rad"? See my confusion.

What's worse, he says, "It sounds like a terrible idea when you first hear it." But back in August he told the reporter that he was the first person to tell him and it was fucking rad. "That's fucking rad! No one's told me about it, you're the first one," Rogen commented. This guy is talking in circles like a politician! Adding to the delema Rogen and Ramis have worked together before. They have "The Office" writers working on the script and Rogen spouts off that it is the "Worst Idea Ever?" We all know that Brett Ratner directing Conan is a far worse idea than Ghostbusters 3!

What are your thoughts on Rogen's back & forth comments? One minute he thinks its fucking rad, then its the worst idea ever? What happened that we haven't heard about? Strikeback....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Robotech to Begin Production Next Year?

Robotech like Transformers has a huge fan following that grew up loving all of the cartoons and figures that came out. With the uber success of Transformers it only seems natural that films like Voltron and Robotech would naturally begin development. Producer Chuck Roven has some inside scoop on Robotech and what is exactly happening with the film.

Roven tells IESB at the Spike TV Scream Awards that they are currently writing the script now for the film and want to begin shooting next year. "Were just working on the script right now," he said. Roven added, "I'm hopeful that we'd start shooting sometime next year, that would be great." Warner Brothers is co producing the film alongside Maguire Productions, which is Tobey Maguire's production company.

Back in 2007 Maguire had commented on the film, "We are very excited to bring 'Robotech' to the big screen. There is a rich mythology that will be a great foundation for a sophisticated, smart and entertaining film." It has been rumored that Maguire has been eyeing the lead in the film. IESB asked Roven if Maguire would in fact be the lead in the role and he replied that Maguire is meerly producing the film for now. "Right now, Tobey's just a producer on it, like myself."

One would only hope that the creative team behind Robotech would take from the original concept designs. Roven was asked if the film will have the same look and hold true to the original Robotech robots. He replied, "Certainly were going to take some inspiration from all that because, you want to make sure you know from whence the roots came from but uh...I can't really tell you...we haven't even begun production design." (How great is "From whence the roots came from?") I would think with Maguire on as a producer, he will hold true to the original design of Robotech.

Lastly Roven talked about the story and if Robotech will take place exclusively on Earth. He made it clear that while the initial attack happens on Earth, but the story won't necessarily stick to only Earth. Roven said, "Certainly we all know that the trigger mechanism is an attack on Earth."

So hopefully Robotech starts shooting 2009! Thoughts on Chuck Roven's statements? Are you a fan of Robotech? Looking forward to this film? Should Tobey Maguire play the lead? Strikeback...

Umbrella Academy Optioned by Universal

Frontman for My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way has been working with Dark Horse Comics and has had a successfull run of his hit comic the "Umbrella Academy." It seems that fans of the comic are not the only one's to have taken note on his work. Way tells IESB that Universal has in fact optioned the comics to be developed into a feature film. Way added that he had just recently finished his first sit down with the studio regarding the adaptation of his work.

Gerard Way has a few notes of interest concerning the development of Umbrella Academy. Universal is currently looking for screenwriters to adapt the comics for film. Universal had suggested that perhaps screenwriter Diablo Cody would be available, but Way did not say if that would be finalized. Way made it clear that his top choice for the films director would be Alfsono Cuarón. Wouldn't the director of Children of Men and Y tu mamá también be on the top of your list too? Cuarón's version on Harry Potter is still my favorite as well, so we know he can do fantasy. Way did also say that he is open to plenty of other directors. Let's just hope that doesn't mean Paul W.S. Anderson! Way added that he would only like to be involved creatively in the production but overall wants a director he can trust their vision completely. Lastly, Gerard Way told IESB that he had contacted costume designer Colleen Atwood about coming on board to work on the film. Atwood has been Tim Burton's exclusive costume designer since Edward Scissorhands and had other hits with films like Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

If you are unaware of the story it goes as follows; members of the Umbrella Academy, a disbanded group of superheroes. They reunite after the death of their adoptive father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Hargreeves is an alien disguised as a famous entrepreneur who collected the members of the Umbrella Academy shortly after their births and trained them to save the world from an unspecified threat. After his tramadic death, the members carry on his plan to save the world.

Have you read Way's Umbrella Academy? It is a great book that I really look forward to continue reading. This is a really good pick-up for Universal if developed correctly.

More Fury in Iron Man 2!

Samuel L. Jackson recently spoke with IESB and had something very interesting to say regarding his screen time in Iron Man 2. It appears that Jon Favreau has talked with the star and has told him that his role of Nick Fury will be far more defined in Iron Man 2. I guess that means we wont just see him after the credits, hopefully! Jackson also said that he is looking forward to working with his newest cast member Don Cheadle.

This seems like good news for two reasons. One Jackson was badass as Nick Fury and really be better suited having a larger role in Iron Man's universe. Secondly, Fury should be a integral part of creating the Avengers, which Iron Man 2 should lead in to. I am glad to see that Fav's is keeping everyone up to speed on the development, which means he and Theroux should be moving along at a good speed in development.

Thoughts on more of Nick Fury in Iron Man 2? Did you like Samuel L. Jackson as Fury? How big of a role should Nick Fury play in the second film? Strikeback....

Review - Quarantine

A news reporter and her camera man are assinged to shadow a two firemen for the night and are sent on a emergency call to an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. Once inside the apartment building the reporter and firemen quickly realize the situtation is far more serious then thought. The group are sealed in the building in what they soon find out is an outbreak of rabies that has a deadly effect on anyone who contracts the virus.

Review - Filth and Wisdom

Three flat mates lifes are put on display in Filth and Wisdom. One, a Ukrainian immigrant who dreams of trans-continental stardom for his band Gogol Bordello and meanwhile turns tricks as a cross-dressing dominatrix. He secretly desires his roommate Holly, who is an aspiring ballerina that has to work as a stripper until her dreams are fulfilled. The third roommate Juliette, has been stealing medicine from her job in hopes that one day she may travel to Africa to help children suffering from AIDS.

Review - Chapter 27

The assassination of John Lennon forever changed music and shocked the world. Mark David Chapman was a delusional and a socially awkward man who was obsessed with Lennon and the novel Catcher in the Rye. Based on the novel by Jack Jones "Let Me Take You Down," the film follows Chapman for three days leading up to his murder of the Beatles legend, in front of Lennon's hotel, The Dakota.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yet Another The Spirit Poster

It looks like Lionsgate wanted to give all of The Spirit fans who have been so vocal saying that the film and one-sheets look far too much like Sin City. The newest poster strays away from the look and gives the on-looker just a normal color palette without all the black & white and over stylized look. Anyways these things have come a dime a dozen, so scroll down to checkout the new one-sheet.

Click the latest one-sheet for higher resolution

So do you prefer the Sin City esque posters or the newest one, of The Spirit, which definately seems to stray away from what everyone has complained so much about? Strikeback...

Damn it! Ratner Directs Conan!

This has got to be the worst news for a good long while! You might as well bend me and Conan over and screw us because, the reboot of "Conan" is a goner with the news I have for you. AICN has word that Brett Ratner will helm the sword swinging badass in the reboot of Conan for Lionsgate! It seems that with Ratner taking the reins on Conan will make him anything but a badass. Ratner is the WORST desicion Lionsgate could make for a director.

Why in the world does Lionsgate think Ratner would be a great director for Conan? Was he the only guy begging to do the film? WTF? Seriously! Does Lionsgate just want the film to fail? Like X-Men 3 was good?, and god did I ever love Money Talks and the 3 Rush Hours films(I really hope you caught the bullshit in that statement)! The Conan property has long been talked of rebooting and now to have Brett Ratner directing, just muddies the waters (to say the very least).

Seriously, if Lionsgate wants to do anything right, start over looking for directors. Please! The fans can wait. We already have Red Sonja and Thulsa Doom coming our way, so replace Rattner before the ink settles and give the fans a director they deserve! That doesn't mean Paul W.S. Anderson either Lionsgate!

Thoughts on the disaster that is Brett Ratner directing Conan? How fucked up is that choice?

First Look at Brad Pitt as Lt. Aldo Raine!!

Production has begun on Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" (Yes, it's misspelled on purpose) in Germany and now we have our first look at Brad Pitt as Lt. Aldo Raine. Brad Pitt plays the leader of 'The Basterds' a group Jewish/American soldiers who are selected to wreak havoc on the Nazi party during WWII. The team reportedly is hired to hunt down and scalp members of the Third Reich to influence fear throughout the Nazi party. QT has said that the film will be a play off a Spaghetti Western set during WWII. Checkout the photo below of Pitt as Aldo Raine a hillbilly from Tenessee, who has a large scar on the side of his neck from the result of a lynching.

Click the image for higher resolution

Thoughts on Pitt's look as Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds? How badass does he look? Strikeback....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Raimi Talks Spider-Man 4 & 5

Director Sam Raimi recently spoke with MTV about the well talked of Spider-Man 4 & 5 double shoot. The genius who directed Evil Dead and all of the Spider-Man films to date told MTV that a script is not written and that there is still alot of work to do before the project even begins shooting. Raimi infact suggested a best case scenario of beginning production in March of 2010.

First up, Sam Raimi was asked if the recent statements of Kristen Dunst meant she would in fact be in the next two films. “Kirsten, I’d love to work with her again, I hope she’ll be written into it. I couldn’t imagine making one without her, and I think she’s an important part of the movies,” Raimi said. Raimi's tone can be miscontstrued with the words "hope," but Raimi did make it clear that everything is in the very early stages. He stated, “I don’t have a script yet, but production would start probably by March of 2010, I’m guessing. It sounds like a long time away, but we need a script first, and a lot of pre-production has to take place.”

MTV next asked if Raimi would be doing both films back-to-back as it has been reported. Raimi again points to the fact that everything is still in the early going with no scripts turned in. Raimi said, “It’s Amy Pascal’s decision. I don’t think it has been decided yet, and she’s the one that’s really going to make that decision; I’m really curious myself.” He added, “If Tobey and me, and all the producers, like the story for two pictures and Amy wanted to do it, then we would do it. It just hasn’t been written yet.” Raimi also talked of how lengthy the project would be and was reminded that he was already exhausted from the production Spider-Man 3 alone. "It would be a real endurance test," he stressed.

The final subject of questioning for Raimi was if we would see Dr. Curt Conners become the Lizard. Sam Raimi was very forthcoming in his answer saying that he really enjoys Dylan Baker's performance as Conners. “He’s a great actor, and I think one day The Lizard’s story will be told,” he teased. Adding to idea of having the Lizard revealed in Spider-Man 4 Raimi said, “I don’t know if it will be this one or not. I just don’t know. I’m definitely hoping to work with Dylan in the picture. I just don’t know who the villain is yet.” So clearly Raimi is keeping the Lizard a definate possibility for either of the next two films. One thing is for sure alot of concept work and story development need to happen before we get anything real juicy on the next Spider-Man films.

What are your thoughts on Raimi's comments? Should MJ continue in the Spider_man franchise? Could Raimi kill her off in the back-to-back film arc? What villains would you most like to see in the next two films? Strikeback....