Monday, September 8, 2008

Will Smith as Captain America!?!

UPDATE: The guys over at AICN have talked to Marvel representatives and have confirmed this mind-boggling rumor to be false!

Seriously this has to be the craziest internet rumor I've ever read! MTV News is reporting that Marvel has offered the iconic role of Captain America to none other than Mr. Box Office himself, Will Smith. The thought that Marvel would go ahead and offer this role to Will Smith boggles my mind. Now to be fair there is Isiah Bradley, who is known as the "Black Captain America" and whose grandson is a member of the Young Avengers, a character named the Patriot/Elijah Bradley. So Marvel could potentially move forward with this idea, but it would be a slap in the face of lifelong fans of Steve Rogers! The title alone of the Marvel film denotes First Avenger, meaning they are going with the original story of Steve Rogers, so why the shift in direction of casting? Is there no white actors that could fill the role? Not that it really matters what color he is, but it definately would throw hordes of Marvel fans for a loop!

It is no secret that Captain America is created from a Super Soldier Serum that could be potentially given to anyone, but if Marvel is going with Captain's origin, why would it be a black man? Not that I have anything against the idea, but at the time of Cap's inception "Black America" was still mainly a minority and would be a hard sell as a patriotic example of the nation at the time. Historically it just doesn't make sense. African Americans did not even have equal rights at the time of WWII. Furthermore, it seems odd to believe that America would be behind a black superhero called Captain America in a time that still had major oppression and hatred towards African Americans. This is of course assuming that Marvel is moving forward with a true origin of Captain America, like they have said they were. So what gives? Can Marvel not find anyone other than Smith to fill the iconic role? Does Marvel think that because of Smith's box office success he could potentially work as Captain America? Is there no white guys of worth out there to cast? Where the fuck is Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler, Paul Walker, Ryan Reynolds, Aaron Eckhart, Viggo Mortenson, Clive Owen, Patrick Wilson, Matt Foxx, Chris Evans or Guy Pierce? Now some of those names would definately guarentee box office succes while others could be a hard sell, but all leave Marvel with no re-writes or explaining to do!

Obvisouly there is alot more still to come on Captain America: First Avenger but if this doesn't get the internet users brewing, I don't know what will!

What are your thoughts on Will Smith as Captain America? Is Marvel crazy? Would you go see Captain as a black man? I love Will Smith and know he could pull it off, I just wonder how the rest of you feel.