Monday, September 29, 2008

Vorhees Unmasked!!!

Being a huge, HUGE fan of Friday the 13th series, I am more than stoaked that a revamp is coming our way! What makes it even better, is that it looks like the re-boot is gonna kick all kinds of ass! This doesn't look like the normal run of the mill remake/re-boots we have been getting, it looks like Platinum Dunes is bringing us a full-throttle Jason film and I couldn't be more happy!

I have some awesome set photos that come way of Horror Bid and they feature some new looks at Jason himself. Better yet, he's got his mask off in a few of them! The creation team behind Jason in the re-boot from what I've seen, read and reported on has nailed every angle of him! From what the creators have said and the footage they've shown, I am sold, and these new set photos prove it even further. Anyways scroll down for the new set pics....

Click on any of the pics for higher resolution

Thoughts on the new set pics? How badass does Vorhees look? To see all the photos check out Horror Bid.