Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Second "Quantum of Solace" Trailer

I have been more than vocal, in my circle of friends, about my lack of enjoyment with Daniel Craig as Bond. Casino Royale was a great Bond film, eventhough half of it was at a damn poker table, but Craig has always been distracting as Bond for me. Blonde hair, blue eyes? I am trying to get past it and this new trailer for Quantum of Solace has pretty much shut my ass up! This newest installment looks incredibly good. It looks to be high energy, alot of really great stunts, some strong deliveries, and some great emotions! Best of all, it doesn't feature a fucking casino! Another bonus to the trailer is it shows us that Jeffrey Wright who played Felix Leiter in Casino Royale will be making an apperance again! Anyways, check out the badass trailer below...

Thoughts on the 2nd Quantum of Solace trailer? This film looks far more entertaining than Daniel Craig's first Bond film!