Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sam Rockwell Coaches on the Hardwood!!

Sam Rockwell has signed on to play a basketball coach in Grace is Gone director James C. Strouse's newest film. While doing press for CHOKE the actor spoke with MTV about some of his upcoming projects. Rockwell told MTV News, "I’m researching a basketball movie. I play a basketball coach,” he said. “It’s a dramatic film about an alcoholic basketball coach and this girl’s high school basketball team.”

Although the film is yet to be titled, the actor described the film, "It’s kind of like ‘Bad News Bears’ meets ‘Half Nelson’ meets ‘Hoosiers.'" Rockwell continued, “[But at the center is this] great character. [In preparation] I’m learning about basketball and Bobby Knight.” Bobby Knight, so Rockwell's character is going to be throwing chairs and strangling his players? Right on!! Rockwell is an amazing talent and although sport coaching films come a dime a dozen, this sounds like a rousing film. James C. Strouse really showed some amazing potential with Grace is Gone. The film was very touching and had real tight script, so this untitled project definately has potential. Rockwell furthermore, has my $9 no matter what he is doing, but to see him as possibly an insipiring and loud-mouthed coach is more that intriguing, it's titulating!

What are your thoughts of Rockwell as a basketball coach? Have you seen Grace is Gone? Did you make it through that film without tearing up? Be honest! Did you know Sam Rockwell had a minor appearance in Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) but his part was removed from the final cut. The scene was the one of the "lover's lane" of sorts, when the Terenzi brothers drive up in their ice cream truck.