Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ritchie Snags Strong for Holmes!

Guy Ritchie while in Toronto premiering RocknRolla spoke with Coming Soon about a recent casting in his next film Sherlock Holmes. The director let it slip that he has aquired Mark Strong for a role in the film on the famed british sleuth. Ritchie did not give any insight into who Strong would be playing, just that he wanted to get him now before his prices rise in the coming months. Strong is also appearing in RocknRolla, Babylon A.D., and Body of Lies this year which should prove to bump the british actor up in pay scale.

Mark Strong has been an actor in England for quite sometime dating back to early 90's in TV. He however has broken into more english roles as of late with bigger roles in Stardust and Sunshine. He is a strong actor (pardon the pun), and should prove to be a big asset to Sherlock Holmes.

Rumor mill can begin on just who Strong will play, my money is on Dr. Watson. Another clear choice would be the villain. However I would bet that Ritchie will go after a bigger name to play the villain opposite Robert Downey Jr who was already cast as Holmes himself. I can see RDJ and Strong playing well of eachother. Clearly alot more to come on Sherlock Holmes, which is set to begin production this fall.

What are your thoughts on Mark Strong in Sherlock Holmes? Who will he play? Mark Strong has appeared in two films named Sunshine.