Friday, September 19, 2008

Ratner: The Destroyer

I have some serioulsy depressing news regarding the future of Conan. Word throughout the web is spreading that the pathetic Brett Ratner has been offered the director's chair for the new Conan film being developed by NU Image. If this happens, it is very clear that NU Image can give two-shits what the fans of Conan want. Why on earth should the guy who destroyed X-Men helm a Conan film? Why would NU Image think, this is our guy? Were the Rush Hour films and Money Talks that great? I didn't think so. Ratner's only film that was worth a shit was "Red Dragon," but clearly he hasn't achieved the same success since.

The Conan project was looking good with the other closely related projects looking to be moving nicely along in the development stages. I am talking of course about "Red Sonja" and "Thulsa Doom" leading me to believe that the production company would put its best effort forward for the reboot of Conan. With Rattner as the director, that clearly isn't the case. Robert Rodriguez has said that he will be a hands on producer for Conan as well as Red Sonja, but the prospect of Brett Ratner directing really detracts my enthusiasm. What's next, Michael O'Hearn (Titan from American Gladiators) actually gets casted as rumored? Somebody needs to step in real quickly and make sure this project doesn't get out of control, which it looks like may happen!

What are your thoughts on Brett Ratner directing Conan? Should NU Image proceed with Rather as director? Strike back...