Saturday, September 20, 2008

Owen Wilson is a Blood Brother

Owen Wilson rules and even his crappy films keep me entertained. I think I am the only person I know who likes and watches "Behind Enemy Lines" on a regular basis. Believe or not, I even want to see "Marley & Me" this Christmas with the family. My feelings with Wilson are he has performed so strong in certain films (namely everything he has done with Wes Anderson), that I have given him a free-ride, and will give anything he does a chance.

Wilson will be producing and starring in a comedy/horror for Spyglass Entertainment called "Blood Brothers." The film will be a buddy comedy that focuses on a vampire and a mortal. Nothing else has been released on the plot development, but one could assume it follows the mortal as he struggles with helping the vampire find shelter during the day and helping him feed during the night. No word on who exactly Wilson will play, but I'd hope that Wilson dawns the fangs for this one. I would love to hear Wilson wax poeticly as a vampire!

Does Blood Brothers sound like a decent project for Wilson? Could he get his brother Luke to play opposite him? Did you know Owen Wilson never wanted to be an actor, but writing is his passion?