Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notorious Trailer

If a teaser trailer is anything to gage how good a movie is, then "Notorious" is gonna be one great movie! However it's release date makes me think otherwise! Notorious is the story of Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G/Biggie Smalls rise to fame and untimely death. Biggie Smalls grew up on the rough streets of New York city and grew to be one of the most infulential rappers in the world. BIG was one whose lyrics told the struggle of his upbringing, one that related to thousands of Americans and became a voice of a generation and to this date is prevelant giving him credibility and respect. Biggie Smalls was one helluva performer and this film looks to capture at least a small part of his fame and story. Notorious releases January 16th 2009. January seems to be a month where films go to die, let's hope Notorious doesn't have the same fate. Anyways checkout the trailer below...

Will you be seeing Notorious based on this trailer? Are you a Biggie Smalls fan? How can you not be?