Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New The Spirit Trailer Gives Hope

The Spirit has had a lambasting of negative talk since its panel at Comic Con and not too much that has come forward has looked promising. The film looks overly stylized, basically Sin City with more color added in. The first trailer and footage shown at Comic Con were a disaster, which put tons of Eisner fan's into an uproar over the film they had been expecting for quite some time.

The newest trailer has provided a little bit of light to the film. The second trailer actually, is the first footage I have seen and liked. Everything else, as I said before, was a disaster. However, I will give credit to all the promo's and one-sheets, they are very strong, typical Frank Miller style. Again, this newest trailer gives the viewer a bigger look into the film and characters without the Spirit falling from lips and nazi Samuel L. Jackson images. Enough blabbing checkout the trailer below....

Am I crazy, or does this trailer actually make you want to see The Spirit again? I was ready to go see Marley & Me with the family on Christmas Day instead of The Spirit, but now the kids may be staying home with Grandma while Mom & Dad go see The Spirit.