Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Milo likes the Idea of Robin!!

Milo Ventimiglia who plays Peter Petrelli on NBC hit show Heroes, recently spoke with Showbizspy while doing press tour in Australia for th eupcoming season of Heroes. ShowbizSpy asked Milo if he had ever thought about playing Batman's sidekick if the role came available. Milo smiled and was quick to say, "I always thought I would make a great Robin. I would love to be Christian Bale's sidekick in Batman. Even when I was younger I never wanted to be Batman. I have always wanted to be Robin. To this day I still think that would be pretty cool."

Now while Nolan & Co. have said that Robin wont be included in his Batman trilogy, why not make a stand-alone Robin/Nightwing film? Milo Ventimiglia is really a perfect fit for Dick Grayson aka Robin/Nightwing! DC definatley could profit from a Nightwing film, especially with Milo already having an established comic fanbase in Heroes. The possibility that Christian Bale could actually cross-over into a Robin or Nightwing film is there too!

Honestly, WB and DC would be stupid not to move forward with this idea in some form! Nightwing/Robin has alot of the same darker themes that DC and WB have gone on record saying they want to continue the "darker themes" in their comic book properties. I did an article back in July on 10 DC films that should be made and noted Milo would be perfect for a Teen Titans, Nightwing or Robin film.

What are your thoughts on Milo as Robin in some form? Would you want to see Robin included in Nolan's batman universe? Would you see a stand-alone Robin or Nightwing film? Strike back!