Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Millar Approached for Superman Re-Boot!

Mark Millar is a genius in the current comic industry and has had some amazing ideas that have become great books. Just to mention a few like Superman: Red Son, Marvel: Civil War, Wanted, Kick-Ass, The Ultimates 1 & 2, and Wolverine: Enemy of the State are all books I have read or are currently reading. This guy is amazing hands down!

Recently Millar spoke with G4 at a signing for his current comic book War Heroes and a some very enticing things to say about all the talk that has surround the Superman film. Millar who wrote Superman: Red Son an amazing book that spin's an idea, "what if kal el/superman landed in Russia?" If you have not read it, pick it up and preceed to do so (you wont regret it)! Millar definately has a vaild opinion in regards to Superman, and it seems that I am not the only person to think so. Millar says that an un-named "big-deal" director approached him about the possibility of penning a Superman script. Apparently Millar is like beyond a Superman fan (guy has the cat that superman saves in the first film, stuffed and sitting on his piano!) and has had a Superman idea in the works for about ten years! Millar said, "I have had a plan for like ten years, like a big three picture superman thing, like a big Lord of the Rings epic thing, just starting over from scratch. A seven hour superman story, and hopefully one out one year after the other." Millar continued to ellaborate, "There is definately nothing firm yet, hopefully over the next couple of weeks we'll get some kind of word. If it works out we'll have to start shooting next summer. It is a long-shot but this guy is a big deal and he said to me, he's not doing it unless I do it."

This is the best news I have heard on the Superman front since Superman Returns released. The idea that Mark Millar would write a 3-picture superman arc is beyond fascinating and that he says a "big deal" director wants him proves my point that he is the guy to do superman justice. More than anything, I want to know just who is he talking about? What "big deal" director is he referencing? Hopefully this is a director that Warner has sought out and in turn he asked Millar if he would pen a script for the re-boot. It really sounding like Singer is definately out!

What are your thoughts on Millar penning a Superman trilogy? Who is the director?