Thursday, September 4, 2008

"MILK" Trailer

Gus Van Sant is an amazing director that I have come to appreciate far more over the years. His newest film, "Milk" looks to be Oscar worthy to say the least. The film stars Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, the first openly gay male elected into public office in United States. Harvey Milk was a very prolific male who opened America's eyes to homosexuality and the true meaning that "all men are created equal." Milk was a huge Gay Rights Activist and one year after he was elected into the San Francisco's Board of Supervisors in 1977 he and Mayor George Moscone, were shot to death by former city supervisor, Dan White.

The first trailer for MILK really adds to my intrigue and anticipation of the film. It looks extremely touching and moving, while also looking to be something that general movie audience could also embrace. Homosexual movies generally do not have general movie audiences appeal, but here MILK looks to be something that could really break the mold and open some people eyes to alot of injustice that still resides today in America. Sean Penn looks to deliver a spectacular performance, as does Emile Hirsch, James Franco and Josh Brolin. If MILK delivers like the trailer leads the viewer to believe, I expect MILK to be heavily favored at the Academy Awards in 2009. This wouldn't be the first time a story around Harvey Milk's life would win at the Oscar's either. In 1984 The Times of Harvey Milk, won for Best Documentary Feature. Anyways take a gander at the trailer below...

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Do you agree were talking Oscar nods with MILK?