Thursday, September 25, 2008

Megan Fox Rumored for Fathom

Fathom is a wonderful comic that was developed by Michael Turner in 1998 and was in constant on & off talks about being made into a feature film. The untimely death of Turner in June of this year, however made most believe that the feature would unfortunately never be made. Well the guys over at IESB have heard otherwise!

It seems that the film still has legs at 20th Century Fox and has been handed off to it's sister company Fox Atomic. Fox Atomic has for the most part mainly dealt with Horror films like Turistas, The Hills Have Eyes II and 28 Weeks Later, but have also developed or distributed films like The Rocker and The Comebacks. More recently they are distributing Jennifer's Body starring Megan Fox. Well it appears that Fox Atomic has contacted the star of Jennifer's Body to play the lead in 'Fathom.' IESB reports that Megan Fox has signed on this week infact to play Aspen Matthews which Fathom centers around.

Aspen Matthews is a surfing marine biologist who spends most of her time in the water and has a distant past that is unclear exactly what and where her origins are from. She was discovered and adopted by a naval officer after appearing on a cruise ship that was vanished for 10 years. She spends her time in deep marine discovery where she can unlock the secrets to her past.

Megan Fox is probably the best choice for Aspen, as they do look much alike, and men everywhere are in heavy panting just thinking of seeing an entire film with Fox in a swimsuit. I am about to set off alot of guys in disgust, but I dont really see all of the appeal! Megan Fox face is very awkward, she has massive amounts of freckles and her nose looks to be in the same family as Micahel Jackson current nose! The current photos of her in GQ only prove my point further. One can say that with her being held so high on a pedastool right now, it only gives me reason to find her imperfections. My main concern is can Megan Fox carry a film, and I don't mean on sex appeal alone. Her role in Transformers, is essentially to look hot and is only a minor character, in Fathom she will have to convince us that she is a leading lady and not just a piece of meat. Not so sure she can pull that off. Jennifer's Body may give us a better idea, but intial reviews of the film have been pretty bad.

This isn't the first comic book film Fox has been attached/rumored for either. Hack/Slash has also been supposedly in production, but not much of anything has happened in two years on it. Personally, I'd rather see Hack/Slash with Fox, but again not sure if Fox could bring the right intesity to the role. Hack/Slash is a brutal comic and a great read for a horror genre comic, but Fox may not be able to pull either of these roles off convincingly.

Thoughts on Megan Fox in Fathom? Have you read Fathom? Did you see the tribute to Turner this year at Comic Con? Fox has said that her favorite comic artist is the recently deceased Michael Turner.