Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maguire Gets $50 Million & Family Time for Spidey 4 & 5

Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire has locked in a deal for the next two Spider-Man films. The actor will shoot both films back-to-back over six months next year, but had one major say-so in the contract. The actor demanded that he has early mornings and evenings off, so that he may spend "family time" with his 22 month old daughter Ruby Sweetheart. The talented 33-year old actor has finalized the contract, in which he will earn $50 million dollars plus profit shares from the two films.

In last months Maguire had remained very quite on whether he would return to the series, with his daughter playing a big role in his final decision. Maguire was worried that the back-to-back schedule would take away too much time from his daughter and made it a major point of the contract. A close friend of Maguire was quoted in saying, “Tobey admits he is obsessive-compulsive about everything he does, and raising Ruby is no different. There’s no way Tobey would allow work, no matter how well paid, to get between him and Ruby, and Sony realised that.”

As a father of four myself, I know first hand how important these younger years are on the kids and parents the same and am happy to see the star standing up for his rights. Far too many people nowdays off-load their children to nannies or day-care and lose so much valuable time with their children. Tobey Maguire has gone the complete opposite and has made a stand to spend time with his daughter, bravo! Hurry someone remake "Mr. Mom," Maguire would be perfect! (I jest, please leave it alone!)

In other Spider-Man news, Sony is expected to announce if Peter Parker's love MJ (Kristen Dunst) would be returning to the role within the next couple weeks. Dunst has made it clear as of late, that she suffers from Clinical Depression and may be deemed unfit to continue as the love interest. Please, Sony, Please....replace her! She is the one constant of terrible in the Spider-Man films. Furthermore, can she not be a damsel in distress this time? Every film, Dunst has been suspended from some contraption and is about to fall, meanwhile the audience must be tortured by her horrid screams. Can we skip that this time around? Am I alone in this hatred?

Thoughts on Tobey's new contract? Are you amped for 2 more Spider-Man films? Please Sony no fucking cliffhangers! I dont want Back to the Future 2 or Matrix Reloaded!