Friday, September 26, 2008

The Lone Ranger May Have a Leading Man

Aint it Cool News is reporting today that Mr. Heart throb himself may be in negotiations to play the Lone Ranger. Yep, George Clooney could be riding Silver along with Tonto at his side. Now the deal is far from getting done, but this is the closest thing we have to a strong contender for the role.

Electric Dreams is a big source for AICN and had this to say on the matter of Clooney as the Lone Ranger, "George Clooney has shown a lot of interest in the role of the Lone Ranger, and the studio's been talking to him about it." So there you have it, that is the best were gonna get for now.

Personally, I think Clooney is a perfect fit for the Lone Ranger and could do a great job sharing the screen with Depp. What worries me about the film, is how is Disney approaching it. Are we going to get a gritty western or more something like what Disney did with Pirates? I am hoping for the first but dread that we will get the later. The last thing we need is a campy western with Depp portraying a Native American. Does Disney remember Pocahontas? Can anyone say backlash!

What are your thoughts on Clooney as the Lone Ranger? Does he seem like a good fit? It's better than the original name being thrown around...Nic Cage!