Monday, September 8, 2008

Kevin Smith wants Seth Rogen Again?

Kevin Smith has talked about Ranger Danger since Clerks! Randal Graves has won the shirt in both Clerks and Clerks II and was always rumored for thr role if Smith ever got the film up and running. Well Mr. Smith recently told SCI FI Wire that he intends on making a "science fiction superhero movie" while doing rounds at the Toronto Film Festival. Could it be that Ranger Danger may actually be in Smith's sights? Well if one thing is certain Seth Rogen definately made an impression on the talented director and may be the new front-runner for the part! Kevin Smith said, "I'm going to do the science fiction superhero movie. It's going to be an original superhero that I've created. It's stewing right now. I want to do it, though, and, God willing, it will star Seth Rogen." An original superhero I've created? Yeah, he's talking about Ranger Danger! What's laughable is that he's says, "It's stewing right now," it has been since 1994, Mr. Smith!

For those of you that follow Smith and are saying, "WTF? What about Red State?" Don't worry, Smith plans on doing that before Ranger Danger. He said, "First, I'm going to do a 180 turn and do a horror movie called Red State. It's going to be a total horror-political-psychological movie without a funny line in it." Believe me, more than Zack and Miri Make A Porno, I am looking forward to see what Smith will do in the horror genre! Red State has been on my, hope that shit get's made list, since Kevin Smith announced it a few years back. I am sure with Rogen developing "The Green Hornet" Smith would've just been waiting around for the hot commodity to start shooting, so doing Red State gives him some development time so he and Rogen can work Ranger Danger into their schedules.

What are your thoughts on Ranger Danger? Will Kevin Smith get Seth Rogen to star? Would you see a Smith superhero movie? Have you read any of Smith's comic books he's written for Marvel and DC?