Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kevin Smith Doesn't Want You to Know

Kevin Smith has "Zack & Miri Make A Porno" coming out next month, but has been talking about his upcoming projects as well. His next project will be a major departure for Smith and he doesn't want people to know he even directed it. Smith told MTV News, "The dream would be to have people watch the movie and flat out not believe that I made it. To pull that off would be cool.”

His next film will be "Red State" and is a horror film. Smith's vision of horror will not be a slasher flick but instead, a unsettling and creepy film. He explained, “There are no laughs in it. It’s straight forward, creepy, unsettling horror,” he added. “I’m aiming high. I’m aiming at the unsettling ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ kind of vibe. I also want to throw in a little of ‘Race with the Devil’ which is one of my favorite scary flicks.” Honestly I couldn't see Smith pulling off a slasher horror film anyways, in an odd way this sounds right up his alley.

Smith has stated that this film will not feature any of his previous actors at all. smith said, “‘Red State’ I would like to do with completely unknown people. I think it would be tough to settle into a horror movie if you’re like, ‘Hey! That’s the Snootchie-Bootchies guy,’” Smith deadpanned. This too, is music to my ears. Smith seems to be trying to question himself if he can do another genre or is he simply a dick and fart joke guy. Smith explained, “I’m interested in doing it to see if I am a filmmaker after all,” he confessed. “If I can pull it off in another genre maybe I am a filmmaker. If it fails then I’m a dick and fart joke guy and I should stick to that." Are the critics getting to Smith, it definately appears he wants to prove himself.

What are your thoughts on Mr. Smith's comments? Do you think Kevin Smith can pull off a horror film in the vein of The Shinning and Rosemarys Baby?