Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Billy Bob Calling it Quits?

It seems that Bad Santa himself has decided to pull out of acting after quite a inspiring career combining in over 40 films and TV shows and including a Academy Award for "Sling Blade." The 53 year-old actor told MTV News that he is ready to throw in the towel, at least for now.

Thornton explains, "I’ve been in fifty some odd movies and directed three or four, and written a few, and I figure I’m tired of fighting it. I’ve had a good career as an actor, and mostly I just care about music now. There’s no passion or desperation in me anymore about movies and I think there is for music, and for my family, and for a lot of other things." Billy Bob is a phenominal actor who I usually look out for his work (he has had a few stinkers, but who hasn't?), but hearing this is very unfortunate, that such a talented actor has "no passion" for the art of cinema anymore.

Thornton however does retort that he is still open to the idea of acting in the future. Billy Bob told MTV, "[But] in terms of movies, yeah, I’ll go do it - if they call and I need the money." Continuing Thornton said, "[Otherwise] it’s not exactly retirement,” pausing, he added, “but in a sense you can say that.”

Billy Bob goes on to say that how exactly he would like to remain in sorm form in Hollywood, but finds the process very difficult. Thornton illustrates his ideas and concerns by saying, "I’d like to write another screen play. I’ve got one in my head. I’ve [also] got a couple movies I want to direct,” he continued, “One’s a true story, it happened in the 1920s, and the other is based on a book, a fictional book. But I can’t get them financed because they’re about actual THINGS. So it’s real tough to get actual things done.”

Finally, Thornton squashed the rumors that he would play Freddy Krueger in the Platinum Dunes remake/re-boot. Thornton said, "They say I’m playing Freddie Krueger, which I’m not." That is a disappointment, I thought he would be perfect replacement for Englund with the same wit and tenacity that he brought to the original series.

What are your thoughts on Billy Bob's comments? Will you miss his work? Does this sound more like a break than retirement? Strikeback...