Monday, September 29, 2008

From Henry V to Thor!!

Kenneth Branagh is in final negoitations to direct Thor for Marvel Studios! The film is set to be released in 2010 and has yet to find it's lead, but new ground has broken today with Variety reporting that the famed thespian wants to direct the project.

Branagh who has graced the stage, the screen and behind the lense is one of my all time favorite actors. Anything he touches is usually gold and his version of Hamlet, is the only one that is worth watching (F the Mel Gibson version)! Branagh however hasn't done too much action since his first directorial effort back in 1989's Henry V, so the question could be raised, what is Marvel thinking? That should be instantly squashed if your consider Branagh's talents when it comes to Shakespeare, Thor the Norse god, seems right up his alley. I for one, am fully behind the idea of Branagh directing Thor, it means the viewer will get a well thought out film that will do justice to the Norse God and his world.

My only worry with Thor is, who the hell is gonna play him? Thor needs a definate star, some B-level talent will not cut it. I highly doubt viewers will pay the money to see Kevin McKidd as Thor (previously rumored for the role at one point). So who can Marvel acquire? Brad Pitt seems like a natural fit, but can Marvel land him? Daniel Craig could also pull it off quite nicely, but would Marvel be able to pry him away from the Bond series for Thor and The Avengers which release in back-to-back years? That could put a definate strain on the talented actor's schedule. Matt Damon might also work, but I really want him for Captain America! There definately are some cool perspective actors out there, but finding the perfect fit is definately a chore.

Mark Protosevich has penned a script for Thor which follows a disabled medical student named Donald Blake, who has an alter ego as the hammer-wielding Norse god Thor. I really hope this doesn't mean were getting Highlander, with flashback between both worlds, but it sounds very much like that is the case. I have felt that an origin film based in Thor world, would be a much better starting point, but clearly Marvel and their writing team has gone a different direction.

In related Marvel news, Marvel Studios and Paramount have locked in a deal that will allow Marvel to finance 8 films through Paramount over the next 10 years. So like Iron Man, Paramount will be financing Thor along with Marvel's other already slated properties including Iron Man 2, First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers.

Thoughts on Kenneth Branagh directing Thor? Who should play Thor? Does the relationship between Paramount and Marvel seem like a good one? Strikeback...