Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rocky as Batman, Frank Miller Thinks So!

Could you imagine Sly Stallone as Bruce Wayne/Batman? Well, Frank Miller can! Back at Comic Con 08 Miller let it slip at EW Visionaries panel that he'd like to see his graphic novel "The Dark Knight Returns" made into a feature film. Zack Synder, who was sitting next to Miller at the panel quickly chimmed in saying, "I'd like to direct it." Now while at the present moment it is highly doubtful Warner Brothers would move forward with another Batman project when Nolan has done so much for them with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the idea that Miller could get one of my favorite Batman books made, has my mouth watering!

"The Dark Knight Returns" is set when Bruce Wayne is 55 years old and has had a ten year absence as the caped-crusader in Gotham. His absence began ten years prior because the second Robin, Jason Todd died. At the time of Todd's death Wayne decided to stop being Batman and buries his woes in alcohol. During his absence Gotham becomes overrun by Mutants and the re-emergence of Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. When Bruce Wayne finally decides to resurface as Batman, he has a hard time of continuing his crime fighting which almost leads to his death. Luckily, a thirteen year-old girl named Carrie Kelly, saves him leading to her becoming the next Robin. Batman and Robin must again fight to take down the Mutant Gangs, Two-Face, and Batman's greatest foe, The Joker, who have run their terror on the city of Gotham for too long in Batman's absence. The Dark Knight Returns features a famous battle of Superman and Batman which see's Wayne the victor. Ollie Queen/Green Arrow also makes an apperance who along with the new Robin and Batman help lead a new group called The Sons of Batman. The series was published from February to June in 1986 and is known for re-introducing Batman as a grim & gritty character that we all know and love.

Miller recently told Geoff Boucher of the LA Times that he would like to see Rocky himself as The Dark Knight. Mr. Miller said, "Just that mouth of his, the scowl and the way it would look in a mask. I loved 'Rocky Balboa.' This wounded warrior, that's what Batman is in 'Dark Knight Returns.' " I agree with Miller that Stallone would make a great fit for the gritty 55 year-old Wayne in "The Dark Knight Returns." Especially after his recent additions to his two series Rocky and Rambo. Although Bruce Willis would also be a perfect fit!

Could Frank Miller actually get this made? I'm sure there are a couple of factors before WB would even consider it. First, if Miller wants to direct it, "The Spirit" needs to do well. If The Spirit bombs, and it really could by the negative reaction at Comic Con and over stylized look to the feature, why would WB want to take a risk on him? Now, if Synder holds true to his intrigue at Comic Con, Warner might be a hell of alot more keen on the idea. Second, if Miller wants this done anytime soon, Nolan would have to refuse to make a third batman film in his series. I dont think Warner would piss off Nolan or any of the fans by moving forward with a whole new angle on Batman. If Nolan refused to make a third in the series, I could definately see WB moving forward with the project.

What do you think on Stallone as a 55 year old Bruce Wayne/Batman? Could Miller get The Dark Knight Returns in the works over at Warner Bros.? Would you want to see The Dark Knight Returns?