Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blackbeard Trilogy in Works!!

Pirates are the rage since the widely successful Disney franchise, but we have yet to see a serious pirate franchise. MTV News have some inside scoop on the matter and it seems that producer Barry Josephson is planning on bringing us just that! It seems that Josephson plans on straying away from the fantasy-esque pirate story and instead will be bringing us a dark and historically accurate portrayal of the infamous pirate Blackbeard aka Edward Teach. Josephson said, “Where ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was a brilliant franchise, it was based on something quite different [than this]. This is based on historical fact. And what’s fabulous is you learn so much about pirates in this movie.” David Franzoni is penning the first of three scripts and his work includes "Gladiator" and "Amistad." So from the sounds of things they are off to a great start.

Josephson explains his interest in the character. He tells MTV News, "Blackbeard’s an incredible character. A former naval captain who rejected the English and became a privateer, and who then becomes a pirate because he doesn’t want to be lorded over by anyone.” The potential for a gritty Blackbeard is definately there with all of his popularity and ruthless pirate life to develop.

Barry Josephson continued to explain his idea for the development of the film into a series. "The first act is really about the evolution of this character and how he became Blackbeard,” Josephson revealed. “The second act is about how he sort of defeats the English so handedly. And the third act is about the rise of Maynard being the one who was smart enough, gifted enough, got to know him well enough to be the one person that was able to do what he did.” Robert Maynard is the Royal Navy Lt. who eventually captures and kills Blackbeard. It is really good to hear that Josephson intends on making a three-picture story arc. I hate films that rush through a story and doesn't allow full development of the character and story. Clearly Blackbeard is a character that needs a trilogy to fully develop his character and legacy.

No one has been approached for the role however, Josephson did he declare that they have a few top-notch actors in mind. He said, "So we have lots of thoughts about who we want, and when we get the script we will go out and try to get the best people.” Off the top of my head Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Eric Bana and Daniel Craig could be great fits for the role.

What are your thoughts on a real take on pirate life more importantly, Blackbeard? Does this interest you? Who would be your choice for the infamous role?


Sounds very interesting and Gerard Butler would be perfect.


Definitely Gerard Butler as Blackbeard and Russel Crowe as Maynard - that would be awesome!

Daniel Craig? I'm assuming that they called him Blackbeard because his beard was black. Why even consider a blond?

Out of all the actors mentioned Gerard Butler would be perfect. Tall and very rugged looking.

Both Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe are extremely talented actors and I have often thought it would be wonderful to see them work together. Therefore, I love Ice Queens comment Gerard Butler as Blackbeard and Russell Crowe as Maynard, that would be a great movie to see.

I personally would love to see the more wicked side of Gerard Butler. Crowe could do the part of Maynard but Butler has to be the Pirate AYE!