Monday, September 22, 2008

Bedtime Stories Trailer

Adam Sandler's last film was a huge disappointment, and I do mean HUGE! Sandler has become sophmoric as of late, or maybe that is just me getting older and he has been recycling the same garbage over-and-over again. Regardless, Sandler's next film is with Disney and looks to take from "The Princess Bride" and "Night at the Museum" and mix them together in what looks like could be a fun family film. In it he watches his sisters kids and in the evenings when he tells the children bedtime stroies, the next day they come true. I do like Sandler alot and am willing to continue watching his films, but if he doesn't start doing some good work again, he may find himself becoming no longer a box office guarantee. Luckily he is currently working on an Apatow production, which should prove to be a fun film. Anyways, enough on Sandler's short cummings, scroll down for the trailer....

What do you think? Is this a skipper? I will be taking my kids for sure to this one!


I love Adam Sandler but you are right it does seem like he is continuing the same cycle of movies. I have not seen the movie "Bedtime Stories" but my co-worker from DISH did tell me it is good. I rented from Blockbuster yesterday and receive it in the mail soon. As an employee for DISH I can say that we are giving 3 months free of Blockbuster to new customers that come to DISH. You get unlimited movies, games and TV shows through the mail and 5 in-store exchanges with the new promotion.