Friday, September 19, 2008

Affleck Back in Bean-Town!!

Being a fan of all things Affleck (or as my wife likes to call it, an Afflection), hearing that Ben Affleck would be once again behind the lense, I was instantly intrigued! It seems that Affleck has been approached by Warner Brothers to take over duties on an adaptation of Chuck Hogan's novel "The Prince of Thieves." Variety reports Affleck will re-write the script and the film we be called "The Town" to squash any confusion with the Robin Hood film.

The news gets better or worse, depending on your view of Affleck, Ben will also star in the adaptation. Affleck would play a career thief who becomes smitten by the manager of a bank. The film will revolve around the blue-collar Boston suburb, Charlestown, a similar area like the one Affleck beautifully captured in "Gone Baby Gone." Affleck is taking over for Adrian Lyne who was originally attached and the film is being produced by Graham King.

There are some that have been nothing but sour grapes regarding Affleck's career and now even scoff that the young director is going back to Boston for another film. Did they even see "Gone Baby Gone?" Why spoil a good thing? Allow the guy to do his thing. Who is out there saying why is Woody Allen or Martin Scorsese making another movie in New York or why is Spike Lee making another racially charged film? How about Caruso making two back-to-back blatant rips of Hitchcock films? It's like asking why Raimi has done 3 Spider-Man films in a row, oh wait two more coming, no one's complaining there! Give Affleck a break, "Gone Baby Gone" was a phenominal film and proved that Affleck can direct a film. So let's save our sophmore slump whinning to a minimum untill we see something that gives us a reason to complain!

Affleck Rules! What are your thoughts? I am gonna watch "Gigli" while I am thinking about it, maybe I'll even watch "Jersey Girl" after. Apple Sauce bitch!!