Thursday, August 14, 2008

WTF!?! Half-Blood Moved to Summer 09!

Warner Brothers just pissed off a ton of Harry Potter fans! First off Potter fans were given the WORST teaser trailer of the year (attached to The Dark Knight), with only the music and Dumbledore saying something to Potter. Then they really teased us with a first rate trailer! Now, comes word that Warner Bros has decided to monopolize on a very sparse summer 2009 schedule, mainly due to the writer strike, and moved Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from November 21st 2008 to July 17th 2009! So instead of nearly only 3 months to wait, Potter fans will now have to wait a wopping 11 months for the sixth film in the series!

This freakin' blows! Warner Bros. wants to try and do the same thing they just did with The Dark Knight and most likely they will with the weak summer slate! The Potter series has mainly released in November, but now it seems WB wants to capitalize on the huge difference in revenue from summer from the holiday season. Slash Film debunks that by the nice stats they have provided, "The three Potter films released in November averaged $916 million worldwide, while the two summer releases averaged $866 million worldwide, which is about a $50 million difference." Regardless of the numbers, we now have to wait nearly a year to see the sixth film!

Thoughts on Potter moving to summer? Were you antcipating the film?