Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trick r' Treat Still In Limbo!

Michael Dougherty's Trick r' Treat has been in limbo since it was slated for release by Warner Brothers last Halloween. Well this year's Halloween is only three months away and Warner Bros have officially dropped Trick r' Treat from its slate! The only reason other than everybody being afraid to release anything on halloween since the Saw franchise has had that locked down for the last 4 years, is that Bryan Singer is the executive producer on the film. WB and Singer have been pretty public with their problems on Superman: Man of Steel. Now Trict r' Treat will have to search for other studios to pick it up and who knows when we will finally get to see it.

If you have been under a rock or just dont pay attention to horror film hype here is the official synopsis for Trick r' Treat: It is said that Halloween is the night when the dead rise to walk among us and other unspeakable things roam free. The rituals of All Hallows Eve were devised to protect us from their evil mischief, and one small town is about to be taught a terrifying lesson that some traditions are best not forgotten. Nothing is what it seems when a suburban couple learns the dangers of blowing out a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight; four women cross paths with a costumed stalker at a local festival; a group of pranksters goes too far and discovers the horrifying truth buried in a local legend; and a cantankerous old hermit is visited by a strange trick-or-treater with a few bones to pick. Costumes and candy, ghouls and goblins, monsters and mayhem... the tricks and treats of Halloween turn deadly as strange creatures of every variety-human and otherwise-try to survive the scariest night of the year.

It is very disheartening that this film is still unslated for release because it looks so damn good! Here are a bunch of images and posters from the film that I thought you could enjoy remembering what might have been!

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Thoughts on Trick r' Treat being dumped by WB? Hopefully Trick r' Treat can get the same fate as Fanboys and be picked up and released sooner rather than later.