Sunday, August 24, 2008

Transporter 3 Trailer

Jason Statham is back for another go-round of the Transporter films and this time it looks like it continues with much of the same. Taking a page from "Crank" Transporter 3 looks to have attached some timing devise to Frank Martin and if he removes it will blow up (see it above in the image on Statham's wrist)! Martin will continue to drive his Audi in the thrid film and looks to take his shirt off quite a bit throughout the trailer! Transporter 3 is directed by Olivier Megaton and hits theaters November 26th. Anyways, enjoy the trailer below!

Thoughts on Transporter 3? His this character already exhausted or are you planning on one more drive? Statham = my butt in the seat!


Can't wait for Transporter 3 to come out it looks great