Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swing Away, Jason!!

We still are six months away from the release of Platinum Dunes newest remake "Friday the 13th" but already we have had an awesome panel at Comic Con, some great sneek peaks of Jason himself, and some cool interviews that have given us some insight as to what we can expect. Now, the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting have an exclusive pic of vorhees in full swing with a mean hatchet in is hands! The pic definately represents the brutal force of Jason, and I would hate to be the person or thing he is imposing his strength upon! Check out the newest image of Jason below!

click on image for higher resolution

This image looks to be in the same scene as the last released image of Jason, checkout the comparison below! The stare and then the brutal attack!
Yikes, Jason isn't fucking around!

How Badass does Jason look? He really does look like a perfect medley of the first 3 films in one! From the footage shown at comic con and all of the released material, consider me extremely pumped! How about you? What are your thoughts on Jason and the look of the remake?