Friday, August 1, 2008

Review - Stuck

Two strangers cross paths with a dangerous outcome finding their fates tied together. Brandi who is a hard working retirement home nurse commits a hit-and-run and hits Tom, a out of work and past the point of desperation man.

Stuart Gordon (Robot Jox & Re-Animator) directs Stuck and does a fantastic job of taking the viewer through a gripping and unexpected ride. I loved this movie, and just like Tom, I did not see it coming! (I've had the screener of this film sitting on my shelf for a couple of months now and finally popped it in) Stuck, is a great film that delivers a couple different levels. First and foremost pure enjoyment, it's a shocking story that keeps you guessing throughout, it is gruesome while being compelling at the same time, and once it starts it doesn't stop till the fantastic climax!

Stephen Rea (The Crying Game) plays Tom, and excels at connecting the veiwer with the feeling of complete desperation along with him. His fight for survival is acted flawlessly and you really do feel his pain. The forgiveness that he has really plays to his character well. Rea simply draws you in from his first scene and holds your undivided attention throughout the suspenseful tale.

Mena Suvari (Spun) plays Brandi, and has one of her better performances of her career in Stuck. (I have never really liked her, something about her drives me insane!) She does a good job of showing absolute terror and indecisive judgement on the result of her accident. There are many moments throughout the film where you are really wondering, "is she really doing this!" Suvari plays these scene really well, constantly making the viewer think, "what the hell is she gonna do next!"

One thing I really enjoyed about Stuck was how unexpectedly gruesome it was. From the hit-and-run accident to the climax, Stuck has some really painful scenes. There were two scenes in particular where my wife had to turn away because it was so appaling. "Princess there you are, did you get in the garbage again?" All of the makeup work done on Stephen Rea was done very well and looked extremely realistic. Stuck really paid off in the shock department and had the horror fan in me smiling from ear to ear.

Stuck is a shocking, gripping, and gruesome film that has a perfect payoff! Stephen Rea is near flawless as the bum who is struck unexpectedly and wedged into the windsheild. Mena Suvari impressed me with her scatter-brained, hard-working character, who wanted nothing more than to forget that the event ever happened. Stuck moves at a great pace and never lost my attention throughout. Finally Stuck is an unexpected film that really gives the viewer a startling ride and some intriguing plot developments, with a climax that will have you screaming "Hell Yeah!"