Friday, August 1, 2008

Statham Wants Daredevil!!!

Daredevil next to Iron Man and Batman is my all-time favorite comic book! The visual style that Frank Miller created within those pages had me spellbound. I also enjoyed the earlier incarnations of daredevil by Kirby and Colan, but my heart remains with Miller. He brought something very new to the book and made me, even as a kid, really think. Miller's daredevil was clearly noir and had Hell's Kitchen playing a far more dominant role. Miller created Kingpin (who also resides in Spider-Man's universe), who was different because he did not wear a traditional costume. Kingpin became a criminal mastermind whose power was running a criminal underground, instead of having superpowers. Bullseye and Elektra still remained prevelent in the stories, but it was more rooted in organized crime as it's main theme. Miller also helped to develop daredevil's martial arts. Miller introduced ninjas into the pages of Daredevil which created a whole new angle to daredevil's fighting style. The ninja or martial arts brought out the angle of self-control or inner-peace that daredevil would utilize. Miller defined the character of Matt Murdock/Daredevil and created a continual reader of the series out of me. Even when Miller left the book, I continued reading through writers Kevin Smith (Yeah, that Kevin Smith) and David Mack, who also added insightfully to the universe.

Apparently while at Comic Con, Jason Statham and Frank Miller were having a pint together at the Hard Rock Hotel bar. Los Angeles Times reporter Geoff Boucher, noticed the two and decided to try and have a seat with them and a quick chat. The two were more than willing to allow Boucher to sit, and the three began to shoot the shit! At some point Boucher thought it wise to ask to Statham if he'd ever like to play a superhero. Jason Statham quickly replied, "Absolutely, just give me the chance, I would love to be Daredevil." Now it is common knowledge, that the first Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck was deemed a disaster, but Miller is the guy who gave Daredevil most of his acclaim (he wrote the series from 1979-1985) and could definately make a great Daredevil film. And why not, Marvel has been very coy on the idea of revamping or re-booting a few of its series Incredible Hulk & Punisher are prime examples. Statham had stated, "he is eager to work with Miller at some point and that he adores the Daredevil character." Supposedly the talk of a Daredevil movie with Jason Statham as Matt Murdock put a huge twinkle in Miller's eye!

Now, I am sure that about a million stories can be written about the time some guy asked a movie star if they ever want to play a superhero who'd it be, but Frank Miller and Jason Statham are nothing to brush off. Miller is considered a god in the comic world (eventhough he is very grumpy) and Statham is money at the box office! The ability to get another daredevil made might hinge on Frank Miller's most recent directorial feature 'The Spirit.' The film still five months away has not had the best reaction from the fans, many have complained the film is too stylistic and far too surreal. If The Spirit performs well, Frank Miller just might be able to have enough weight to get a new Daredevil project greenlight by Marvel. Even if Miller weren't to direct, but be more of a "hands on" producer and help write the story, the project would seem to be a homerun! Jason Statham as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, oh yeah, goldmine!

What are your thoughts on Jason Statham as Daredevil? Would you want Frank Miller to direct? Do you think re-boot of Daredevil would work? Who would you choose as the main villain?