Monday, August 4, 2008

Rogen Thinks Ghostbusters 3 Sounds, "Rad!"

Ghostbusters 3 rumors have been newly swirling again since Comic Con 08, said to debunked, might not be so true. It is true that nothing is finalized for Ghostbuster 3, but it may not be that far off from getting done. Here's what leads me to believe just why it could actually happen. Seth Rogen was asked yesterday at a Pinapple Express junket, if the rumors of a Ghostbusters 3 were true. Rogen was taken off-guard and hadn't even heard of the project, but did seem extremely enticed at the idea. Seth Rogen said, "Really? That's fucking rad! No one's told me about it, you're the first one. You got a script? Yeah, no -- are they actually remaking Ghostbusters? Sounds fun, though -- I'm psyched about it ... but are you sure I'm not playing Slimer?" (I am sure dollar sign were going off in the back of Rogen's head) If Seth Rogen can get the long rumored Green Hornet film off the ground and running why can't he do the same for Ghostbusters 3? Rogen and the Apatow definatley have some pull in Hollywood right now, more so than Murray, Aykroyd, or Ramis combined (sorry guys), and with their backing I could see Ghostbusters 3 actually happening! From the sounds around the internet, everybody likes the sound of the old team handing down the reins to the crew from "40 Year Old Virgin," with enough people behind the idea, it is not that far fetched thinking it will. Rogen's reaction, isn't just, oh yeah that's cool, but instead, "That's fucking rad!" Again leading me to believe that he sees a great opportunity to take a great franchise and make it part of the Apatow universe. Why wouldn't Apatow want to take a crack at Ghostbusters 3 either? The movie would be a tentpole franchise, it could get a summer release and really take home some revenue. The fanbase is already there, he would have all the fans of the older franchise and all of his new fans from his recent dominance at the box office. I wouldn't be surprised if Rogen is calling Apatow this week and saying, Hey let's do that Ghostbusters movie, it would be "Fucking Rad!"

Thoughts on Rogen's comments? Does he have enough pull to get a Ghostbuster 3 made?


it is great news they are going to make ghostbusters 3