Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Portman in Suspiria Remake!!

Dario Argento's 1977 masterpiece "Suspiria" has been long-rumored to be remade since 2005. This year however, more progress has been made for the remake, and David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express and Snow Angels) has become attached as the director for the horror film. Bloody Disgusting has reported that the film is being produced by Handsome Charlie Films which is headed by Natalie Portman and Annette Savitch. Not only will Natalie Portman's production company produce the film, but the young starlett will also star in the remake scheduled to hit theaters by 2010 (One would only assume Portman will be playing the lead in the film).

The original films synopsis goes as follows: "A young American dancer travels to Europe to join a famous ballet school. As she arrives, the camera turns to another young woman, who appears to be fleeing from the school. She returns to her apartment where she is gruesomely murdered by a hideous creature. Meanwhile, the young American is trying to settle in at the ballet school, but hears strange noises and is troubled by bizarre occurrences. She eventually discovers that the school is merely a front for a much more sinister organization."

'Suspiria' was the first of Argento's horror trilogy, 'The Three Mothers'. The second was titled 'Inferno' (1980), and the third film was finally released this year called 'Mother of Tears' and starred Argento's daughter, Asia. Who knows if the other two will get the same treatment, but Suspiria is considered one of the all-time great horror movies with one of the most vicious murder scenes ever filmed. (David Gordon Green definatley has some big shoes to fill, considering Argento is considered a genius in the horror sphere) I have yet to see Pineapple Express, but if his work on Snow Angels is any hint at how good it will be, I am stoaked! Snow Angels was one of my favorite movies of the year (see my review here), so I think Green will deliver all the way!

Thoughts on a Suspiria remake? Have you seen the original? Can David Gordon Green pull it off? Does Portman being casted peak your interests? With her production comapny involved, she must be a fan of the original!