Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Platinum Dunes Talk Elm St & Rumors Swirl On Whose Playing Freddy!

Platinum Dunes Producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller talked recently with Crave and talked a little bit about the long talked of Nightmare on Elm Street remake. The producers were very clear on what has been done so far. Here's a little bit of what was said.

Number one, they have not landed the film yet, but they are indeed pursuing it! "If we're lucky enough to get that movie, I suspect because of what we try and do with all our horror movies is really keep it real. I don't know that, if we're lucky enough to do that, it's always weird to speculate on that but I can't imagine Freddy's going to be throwing out one-liners the whole way through," Fuller said. Andrew Form added, "Much closer to the original. Really scary." Crave asked if there would be a new Freddy and if Englund would make an appearence. Brad Fuller responded by saying, "I think it has to be [new Freddy] and I know fans hate to hear that and everyone says you have to put Robert in...I don't think he wants to do it and I think that in order to differentiate what we're doing from the other ones, we would need to find someone else to play that role." Fuller did add that, "we would love to have him," appear in some sort of cameo. The biggest loss from Englund not playing Freddy would be his way of throwing out the lines and his huge personality on screen. Fuller agreed by saying, "I would hope that ours would also, but I just don't know that witty quips is necessarily the way that we would want to go."

The producers definately feel like they have a direction they want to go that will be far darker than the majority of the Elm St. films. Which I like! Let's face it, Platinum Dunes has done a par or above par job on all of its properties! I loved Texas Chainsaw Massacre! The producers also asked if they would be using CGI in the dream sequences. Brad Fuller answered by saying, "I think you have to but as a rule, whenever I talk to my son about this, when he sees CGI, it takes him out of the movie. My kids tell me that all the time so we always strive to do things practically in all of our movies. And we have the option to do CGI because Bay has this amazing relationship with Digital Domain and we get the friends and family deal there and we opt out of it because I think for horror movies, it feels real when it's all happening in the camera if you can do that." The dream sequences are a hugh part of the Elm St. series and if you fuck that up, you might as well just forget it! I cant imagine going from live action into something like Beowulf in the dream sequences. I feel if it is suttle, then it will work.

Today joblo is hyping that none other than Billy Bob Thorton might be the next guy to dawn the striped sweater and the finger-knived glove! Joblo reports: Robert Englund was on the late night radio show Loveline last week to promote JACK BROOKS, MONSTER SLAYER (and discuss sex, I guess), and was inevitably asked about the NIGHTMARE reboot. And Englund stated that the last gossip he heard was that Thornton could be slipping on the sweater and burn makeup for the role.

Thoughts on Platinum Dunes remaking Nightmare on Elm St? How about Billy Bob as Freddy? More to come!