Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pegg & Others Are Bastards Too!

Inglorious Bastards casting is in full swing with three mores names being added to the list! Tarantino for the last couple weeks was wooing Brad Pitt to lead the film as the Tennesse hillbilly who assembles a team of eight Jewish-American soldiers to take on the Nazis. Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead), Nastassja Kinski (Cat People), and David Krumholtz (Slums of Beverly Hills) are in talks to star in QT's newest film. Pegg will play a British lieutenant, while Krumholtz, Roth (see previous story), and Novack (see other story) will play a part in Pitt's assembled team. Nastassja Kinski will play the only female role in the film as a German film star. Kinski who has stayed away from mainstream cinema for awhile will be yet another actor's career Tarantino has revived.

Inglorious Bastards will begin production on October 13th and Tarantino plans on having the film ready for Cannes. A majority of the film will have German and French dialogue with subtitles. Pitt's character Aldo Rain, of course will speak english, hailing from Tennesse. Universal is producing the film with QT earning twenty percent of the first dollar gross. The Weinstein Co is co-producing the film handling most of the international promotion.

Thoughts on the recent casting? When else have Pitt and Tarantino worked on the same project?