Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MGM Scares Up Poltergeist Writers!

Variety is reporting that MGM has hired Stiles White and Juliet Snowden who previoulsy wrote "Boogeyman" for producer Sam Raimi, to pen a remake of Speilberg's Poltergeist! The team has also written Alex Proyas newest film "The Knowing" starring Nicolas Cage and just finished a draft for Platinum Dunes newest remake Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, "The Birds."

Snowden and White definately have leg work based on the previous mentioned films they've penned, but "Poltergeist" like "The Birds" are tricky. They are iconic films and should be left alone, but studios continue to re-dip into the old vault. Poltergeist is one of the first horror films I saw (The Thing was the first and I have been hooked ever since) and it scared the crap out of me! I use to have a huge tree outside my bedroom window as a kid, just like little Robbie Freeling. I thought for at least 4 to 5 months that it was gonna get me, like it did Robbie (luckily, we didn't have any clowns in the house)! An updated version of Poltergeist has been talked of and rumored for quite sometime, but this is viable and MGM intends to move forward with the project. For me, the jury is definately still out on this one, I hope they can at least do justice to the original! What about getting Zelda Rubinstein a part in the remake! Let's hope this time we don't have near fatal and fatal accidents occuring around the film.

Those are Speilberg's hands pulling the flesh off Marty's face

What are your thoughts on a Poltergeist remake? Will they cast virtual unknowns again like in the original? Did you know that Tobe Hooper directed Poltergeist, however Steven Speilberg actually stepped in and finished the film cause Hooper was making a piece of shit! Will we hear, "They're Here" again?