Thursday, August 28, 2008

Max Payne Trailer

Video game adaptations have been huge for the at least the last five years and Max Payne is no execption. Mark Wahlberg stars as Max Payne and from the looks of the trailer, looks way too much like Constantine. Now I never played the game, but I don't ever remember seeing Angel looking things swooping around. Max Payne is directed by John Moore and stars beau bridges, ludacris, mila kunis, donal logue, marianthi evans alongside Mark Wahlberg. Max Payne hits theaters October 17th. Checkout the trailer below! For some Max Payne photos (click here)

Thoughts on the Max Payne trailer? Were you a fan of the game? The trailers for this and The Spirit have deterred me from wanting to see them as much! How bout you...strike back!