Sunday, August 3, 2008

Iron Man 2 Scoop From Iron Man Himself!!

Recently Robert Downey jr. talked with both IESB & Latino Review
about Iron Man 2! Downey Jr. was asked a few questions about the upcoming release and gave a few scoops that will definately wet your appetite for the next film!

First up, Latino Review asked a few questions regarding which other characters from the Marvel Universe that might pop-up in Iron Man 2. Downey Jr. conceeded that Hulk would definately not be in the film. Downey Jr although, did raise an eyebrow to the idea that we may see Thor or Capatin America! He said, "I can neither confirm nor deny that. Honestly, nothing's set in stone right now." (Thankfully, we all know that means, Yes!) Downey Jr. added on new characters being added to the sequel, "It's such a big leap, before we were grounded in reality and now we're starting to go into the Marvel Universe." Robert Downey Jr. said that with the setup of the Avengers movie also it reallys expands the option for the sequel. "It's kind of hard to navigate because you want to be able to set up The Avengers in Iron Man 2." Downey Jr however, went on further to say that he believes the vision Jon Favreau has for the film will deliver a great sequel. "we decided to do something ever more kind of risky and something that represents the way Jon thinks and the way I like to develop a character. So, it's going to be good."

IESB attentend a Tropic Thunder screening with full cast Q&A and when asked about his goals for Iron Man 2 Downey Jr. spoke at length about not following the superhero formula. "Our goals are more of the same...We’re talking about a guy who is put in an extraordinary circumstance, and the people that are around him, and how that creates a sense of family, and how that disrupts whatever forces that we have to say that are working [in his life]. I like the idea of an Iron Man 2 that you’re able to understand various points of view. You’re able to touch on some subjects that are a lot more far reaching, while still grounding it in entertainment.” Shooting for Iron Man 2 will begin after Downey Jr has finished shooting Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes where Jr. is playing the infamous sleuth. Sherlock Holmes begins filming October 6th.

Wet your appetite? Did you love Iron Man? Iron Man 2 is shaping up to be an awesome flick! What are your thoughts on Iron Man 2? Too early to tell?