Friday, August 29, 2008

House of Sand & Fog Meets Poltergeist?

A little bit ago I did a story on MGM bringing back Poltergeist, well it seems that the boys over at Bloody-Distgusting have some new word on the possible remake. Their source says Vadim Perelman, director of "House of Sand and Fog" and "The Life Before Her Eyes," is in heavy talks to direct the remake with MGM.

My intial reaction was, really? House of Sand and Fog was an amazing film I loved it, but to move from that to horror, mind boggling! Clearly for this guy to be in "heavy talks," he had to have approached MGM on the project! Why would've MGM sought this guy out? Perelman must have a connection with the original Poltergeist (I am sure anyone that saw Poltergeist back in its release has never forgotten it) and wants to do this film for personal reasons. There really is no other explaination, unless this is pure B.S.?

If Perelman has an agenda and feels he can do this thing justice, then go for it! I just hope it doesn't end up like Mark Steven Johnson passion for Ghost Rider! Poltergeist is one of my all time favorite horror flicks and it still amazes me it was rated PG (Spielberg successfully appeal an R rating by the MPAA). I remember asking my mom if I could see it and intially she said, "No way," like any kid, I rebuttaled her and said, "but it's PG mom." She caved and we saw it and I was scared shitless for the next two weeks! I use to have a huge tree outside my window, just like the one in the film. Poltergeist was and is a perfect horror flick and to see it tarnished would really suck. So here's hoping Perelman, if he gets the job, knows what he is doing!

What are your thoughts on a Poltergeist remake? Should it follow the same story? Does Vadim Perelman sound like the guy for the job? What's your two-cents?