Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heroes Meets Robot Chicken!!

Ausiello Files is reporting that Heroes: Villains will feature Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Breckin Meyer for a multi-episode arc! The two best friends will play comic book enthusiats that cross paths with one of the Heroes. Everything with their development is still under wraps and being developed, but the two may play advisers to the cross-pathed hero.

Heroes is hands down my favorite show on television and thus far the only TV show I have covered on Schofizzy! Based on the premiere episode I saw at Comic Con, Heroes: Villains is gonna kick all kinds of ass! Tim Kring and his team have done their homework and come back with an amzing season for Heroes fans, you can count on it! This development with Green and Meyer is pretty freakin cool and Seth Green has always been a nothing but fun as the characters he's played.

Thoughts on Seth Green and Breckin Meyer being on Heroes: Villains? Any ideas of what kind of impact they will have on the Heroes Universe?