Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carrey is Definately Not Homophobic!!

Jim Carrey on his official site has released the first photo from his new film, "I Love You Phillip Morris." For some this may be a very shocking photo, but really if it were two chicks, they would be lip-locked in the shot! Yes, that's right Jim Carrey has decided to try a "gay" role. His lover, Ewan McGregor has tired it once before in "Velvet Goldmine," but Carrey at least is going out on a limb and trying some new avenues in his career.

The official synopsis goes as follows: "I Love You Phillip Morris" tells the story of Steven Russell (Jim Carrey), a married conman who found himself in a Texan prison where he fell in love with Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). Steven Russell tried to escape from prison four times, coming up with more and more elaborate plans, including once faking his own death. Morris was eventually released but Russell landed over a hundred years behind bars because of his escape attempts.

The plot itself is actually pretty intriguing and the film is listed as a dark-romantic comedy, so with Carrey and McGregor the project could prove to be a strong endeavor for both. Let's face it, Carrey's last attempt (Number 23) at stepping outside of his realm was a disaster and "Yes Men" looks pretty bad, so like Mike Myers, Carrey could use a real hit. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have adapted the script and are directing the film which is currently filming and has a Valentines Day release 2009. Anyways check out the still below...

What is up with Carrey's haircut?

So what are your thoughts on I Love You Phillip Morris? Will you be seeing the film based off the first image released? Does this film scream homophobia at the box office? Will this film play or be popular with main stream audeinces?